Slacker pays homage to classic downtempo and chillout records on “Start A New Life”

Back to Chill: Slacker returns with gorgeous new CD Start A

New Life

Masterpiece created from the heart and in the spirit of classic downtempo and chillout albums from Boards Of Canada, The KLF, Amorphous Androgynous (aka Future Sound Of London), Dusted, Sabres Of Paradise and more

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Release date: February 23, 2010

Godlike & Electric Records

In his previous life Shem McCauley (AKA Slacker) was considered one of the most prolific progressive house producers in the business. His tracks and remixes were played by the genre’s most popular DJs and they landed on the finest mix compilations. However, with the business changing and tastes shifting Shem grew increasingly frustrated with the type of music “the business” was looking for. So he did the unthinkable – he disappeared. This UK native moved to Bangkok, Thailand, cut off communication with the industry, started a new job …and a new life. So, it’s been two years in Thailand and Slacker is back with an album that could have only been created in total isolation from the industry. It’s not progressive house, but this is progressive electronic down tempo music.

We hate to make comparisons but Start A New Life really does remind us of those classic UK downtempo albums from the 90’s and early 2000’s. It makes sense because Shem was a huge fan of this genre but never had the correct forum to release his own music of this type. The influences are apparent and when listening to Start A New Life you’ll pick of pieces of The Sabres Of Paradise “Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix)”, Cocteau Twins “Cherry-Coloured Funk”, Moby “Go (Jam & Spoon Remix)”, Coldcut “Autumn Leaves”, Boards Of Canada Music Has The Right To Children, Future Sound Of London Accelerator, Dusted When We Were Young, and of course, The KLF Chill Out album.

“In the 90’s I was doing progressive house and endless club remixes but I originally came from Hip-Hop and rare groove. So my influence was definitely based around funky beats and slow stuff,” Shem says. “I always wanted to do an album like “Start A New Life” but never had the balls or circumstance to get it together. Towards the last four or five years of my life in the UK I was completely disillusioned, didn’t enjoy making music and eventually stopped. I made the choice to come out to Bangkok and found instant happiness with my new chilled existence. I pulled out the old demos and wrote more and more. [The KLF’s] “Chill Out” and Future Sound Of London’s “Tales Of Ephidrina” are some of my favorite albums, so I started to create an album based on my love of these works. Stylistically, it might sound like a big change, but for me, it’s like expressing the stuff I was never previously able to.”

While Shem is now back doing music, the intention to leave his previous career behind was real. In fact, he originally arrived in Bangkok with two suitcases and no equipment. He started teaching yoga and spent time getting his health back together. When it came time to revisit music there wasn’t a fancy studio or even a traditional space to create in. Rather, Shem wrote the entire album on his laptop in the food court of a Bangkok shopping mall. Yes, it’s a bit unconventional for what we’ve come to expect from today’s glitzy studios and production techniques, but Start A New Life is more honest than anything you’re bound to hear from the genre. After all, it’s a living documentation of Shem McCauley’s new life.


Slacker – Start A New Life


Start A New Life
I Have No Memory
When I Was A Child
Come Back Home

Just As I Am

Come With Me

Hymn To Her

See The World

A Million Dreams

Help Me Here

What A Dream I Had

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