Mi Casa present Third Party-Higher House

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Mi Casa Records proudly presents the debut release “Higher House” by newly signed artist Third Party.

The year 2009 has been one of much anticipation for Mi Casa Records. Enjoying continued success and longevity as a major player in the House music industry, the label has also made some key moves in acquiring new talent.

Third Party is an extremely talented collaborative team that had been under Mi Casa Records’ radar for many months before finally being signed. These top notch producers have a unique style blending the glory days of the classic House music era, with the modern sound of today’s hard hitting electronic House vibe. Upon hearing Third Party’s repertoire, Mi Casa Records immediately concluded this will be a production team to be reckoned with for many years to come. Third Party was quickly signed to an exclusive deal with the label and have since been building what will surely turn out to be a House music dynasty.

Third Party presented our A&R team two fantastic mixes of what is now their debut release called “Higher House”. Both mixes contain so many instances of ear candy they left the label representatives grinning. The “Club Mix” has some serious “big room” flavor with soulful vocal elements and deep throbbing melodic chord progressions combined to create a joyful positive flow throughout the arrangement. The second rendition has been cordially nominated the “Get High Mix” certainly living up to its name with deep synthesis elements and a classic House vibe that you will love to hear on large format speaker bins. Tyrone Solomon has graced this release with some outstanding additional touches.

Both mixes of “Higher House” are fantastic and Mi Casa Records challenges you to be the first to test them out at the clubs! The reactions witnessed on the dance floor were simply amazing for both mixes!! Enjoy “Higher House” for yourself. Remember the name Third Party the next time you visit Mi Casa Records to hear new releases.

General Release Information:

Exclusive Release Date: December 2, 2009 (Traxsource Only)

Worldwide Release Date: December 17, 2009 (All other digital stores)

Label: Mi Casa Records Inc.

Release Name: Higher House

Catalogue Number: MCR-026

Artists: Third Party

Tracks Info/Durations:

1. Higher House – Club Mix

Third Party

7m 32s

2. Higher House – Get High Mix

Third Party

6m 14s

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