Underground Collective DJ Romain & Darryl D Bonneau-It’s the Spirit(incl.a ton of remixes)

uc003Underground Collective records keeps bringing the heat with a duo who are no strangers to this game, DJ Romain and Darryl D Bonneau are veterans in what we call we call house music. They are a perfect combination to a perfect classic record. Darryl’s infusion of soulful vocals elevates this record to a spiritual level and takes us back to church. There is no way to lose with Romain heading the production end, an artist who’s skills reach as far back as the Body & Soul days when he produced for Francois Kevorkian and also worked as an In-House artist for Wave Music. Here Underground Collective has taken a classic vocal from Romains’ archives and gives it the proper treatment it deserves. This Vocal has undeniably reached the stature of a True Classic.

With Remixes by Louis Benedetti giving it that Funky old school flavor he is known for but with a seriously updated and unique twist that just puts him over the top in originality. Louis is ahead of the times on this mix.

Souldynamic, a duo out of Italy who are up and coming but make music like they’ve been producing for centuries, giving the remix a great dose of variety spanning the spectrum from N.Y.C. all the way back to their hometown in Europe.

DJ Dino and DSF are ones to look out for, doing amazing things out of Greece. They have put forth a great alternative, with Quentin Harris on the keyboards makes this collaboration the perfect combination to a successful Powerful remix.

Jose Carretas is rising fast in his musical excellence and it shows, coming correct with a great quality UK vibe, which is sure to be a crowd pleaser. He also is one to lookout for.
DJ Smash from Giant Step ,Motown Records, and Blue Note , another veteran to the house scene, His eclectic sound has paved the way for DJ’s throughout house history. Here he gives the remix a true Brooklyn born treatment that deserves nothing but a NuBreed, Deep Praise.

83 West was the original remix that became an instant classic and still is today. For this release we give it a re-mastering to add quality on top of quality and as an extra we have included an unreleased instrumental mix for those DJ’s who still love to work records and work their crowds.

Hernan Cronner out of Argentina gives it that quality Deep Tech sound to give the vocal the feel it needs.

And last but certainly not least there’s Bangana aka Combo & Alf Tumble, another set of masterful producers in the scene, some of you might remember them as “ SUMO” out of Stockholm,Sweden… They bring the left field remix for the house heads that love tech and that “different” type of sound that stands out. They really out did themselves and showed the world why they’re such a solid team in demand.

DJ Romain and Darryl D Bonneau
Produced and Mixed By DJ Romain for RoDog productions
Written by :Ashley Saunders (Mullett Hall Publishing)

1.Louis Benedetti Club Vox
2.Louis Benedetti DubInstrumental
Remix and Additional production by Louis Benedetti for Soulshine Recordings
Keyboards and drum programming by Louis Benedetti
Mixed and Mastered at Soulshine Studios NYC

3. Souldynamic ( Go Deep Mix )
4.Souldynamic (Go Deep Instrumental)
5.Souldynamic ( Peak Mix)
6.Souldynamic (Peak Instrumental)

Remixed And Re-Arranged By Souldynamic @ My Ex-Garage Studios
In Frosinone (Ciociaria) Italy.
All Beats, Keys Arranged and programming By Souldynamic
Mixed, Engineered @ 0 Db Studios By Souldynamic
Mastered @ Studio Zooberi, Greece

7. Jose Carretas (Main Mix)
8. Jose carretas ( Instrummental)
Remixed and additional Production by Jose Carettas
Mastered @ Studio Zooberi, Greece

9. Bangana (Main Mix )
10. Bangana ( Insturmental )
Remix and additional production by Bangana, aka Combo & Alf Tumble.
Mixed at Heya Studios.
Mastered @ Studio Zooberi, Greece

11. DSF & Dj Dino ( Main Mix )
12. DSF & Dj Dino (Instrumental)
Remixed and additional production by DSF and DJ Dino
Keyboards By: DSF
Drums and Percussion by :DJ Dino
Additional keyboards by Quentin Harris
Mixed and Mastered @ Studio Zooberi , Greece
13. Smash Hunter ( Main Mix )
14. Smash Hunter ( Instrumental)
Remix produced by Smash Hunter for Mobile Global Productions
Mixed and Mastered by Smash
15. DJ Romain (2010 Remix)
Recreated by DJ Romain for RoDog productions
Mastered @ Studio Zooberi, Greece

16. Hernan Cronner Soulcom Rmx
17. Hernan Cronner Soulcom Inst
Remix and additional production by: Hernan Cronner & Diego Mano
Keys – Diego Mano
Mixed and Mastered At Kode Studios By Matt Bell (Soulbasics)

18. 83 west ( Remastered Main Mix )
19. 83 West (Unreleased Instrumental) Remastered
83 west remix Vocal reconstruction by Tyrone Solomon and Martino Lozej for 83 west productions
Mixed by Alex Lee Mullett hall Publishing
Mastered @ Studio Zooberi, Greece

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