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Fierce Angel have had a really busy 2009, from entertaining crowds all over the UK as well as world wide including a very successful summer in Ibiza with a weekly Friday party at El Divino!!

As the year comes to an end, there is just about time for one final bomb to see the new year out in style, this bomb comes in the form of 3 CD’s as Fierce Angel Presents The Collection…released Monday 23rd Nov …3CD’s of pure un-mixed 12″s of the years best dance anthems!

So do yourself a favour ladies and gents make sure you get yourself a copy of this album, it’s this years must have and will be the perfect gift for any one you may know!!

(And Now A Word From The Boss)

What a completely chaotic year of ups and downs it’s been! On the up side we had an unbelievable season at El Divino in Ibiza, and we took Fierce Angel events across the globe and back again! We have expanded the radio show and had a couple of massive club chart hits with our artist projects…..2009 has been a manic year for Fierce!

On the down side we made the difficult decision not to release Beach Angel and Es Vive this year. We left it until November to come back bigger and better and we hope it hasn’t been too long a wait!…and if it has, we are sure it will be worthwhile!

The idea behind “The Collection” is to give you a selection of the year’s biggest Fierce favourites, that have rocked many a dance floor all over the world.

Each of the tracks have been tried and tested on many a dance floor across the globe, and form the basis of the Fierce Angel sound. Massive vocals, and terrific hooks….great big hands in the air, feel good tunes! (we like to go for the goose bump factor!)

So here it is “The Collection,” you’ll find this release is an unashamedly commercial selection with only the biggest anthems packed onto the CD (or digital download).

It’s a decidedly disco selection on CD1 starting with Melissa Indot’s “Starlight:” followed by the Sister Sledge sampling “Take My Love.” Next up it’s the Fierce Angel Collective, this new project is a combination of all our best friends from the world of Fierce. We’ll be producing lots of tracks that will be exclusive to Fierce Angel albums. First off the blocks is a classic disco cover, “You Know How To Love Me” featuring the amazing Soraya Vivian with production duties from the Bassmonkeys. Moving on there’s new tracks from Solitaire, The Bassmonkeys plus huge club anthems from Anton Powers, Rossko and Joey Negro. Hott 22’s “Conversation” takes the pace up a bit higher and Ultravibe and Locksmiths keep the party going. We finish with a new Fierce Angel anthem “If You Could Read My Mind,.” It features unbelievable vocal from Soraya and production duties from no other than the mighty Degrees Of Motion!!!

If CD1 was decidedly disco, CD2 camps it up even further with some hi energy house anthems. We begin the selection with Hott22’s rework of the classic “Wicked Game”: and follow it with one of the summers biggest anthems “Heartbreak” Next up with it’s the massive Digital Dog mix of “Forgiveness” and Mr DYF with “Hold On.” A new name to Fierce Angel is Elin Lanto, her track “Discotheque” has been storming across the music channels. Another essential track from the summer was “Release Me” from Agnes and.we put our tongue firmly in our cheek Shanie’s “Piano In The Dark” we imagine we’ll get a few comments about this one but we love it! We finish up with the Wideboys on the mix of “Neon Lights,” a new track from Verde “If Only You” and go full hands in the air for Wheels And Disco “Sun Shine Down.”

CD3 provides a bit more late night action and begins with Priors, “What You Need.” There’s a stunning remix by Haji & Emanuel of Carolina Liar’s “Show Me What I’m Looking For.” and the hits follow swiftly on from Pegasus, Ian Carey and ultra cool Little Boots. Next it’s K-Klass with their version of “Finally,” this track has been causing a storm wherever it’s played. Brad Hed reworks the classic “Real Life” and then finally after waiting nearly two years we get the chance to include the simply fantastic “Thou Shalt Not Kill” by Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip. Big thanks to Ministry for allowing us an completely exclusive Stonebridge re-edit of “Hold On” and equal thanks to Newstate for the epic Kaskade mix of Paul Van Dyke’s “Home.” The Fierce Collective reappear to close the CD with Peyton and The Bassmonkeys rocking out their version of “Sex On Fire.”

So that’s it .. 2009 has flown by giving us some amazing parties, and stunning music, we hope you enjoy “The Collection” as much as we have enjoyed making it.
A massive thank you for all your support, and we’ll be heading towards ever-greater things next year. You can expect some new artist material and a full schedule of CD releases. Feel free to get involved with Fierce and voice your opinions by signing up to our Facebook group and don’t forget both the group and our website are the places to watch for all the latest news.

Hope your winter months are truly Fierce and we’ll see you on a dance floor soon!


1. Melissa Indot Starlight (Eric Kuppers Starry Remix) *
2. Sound Of Soho Take My Love (12″ Vocal Mix)
3. The Fierce Angel Collective Ft. Soraya Vivian You Know How to Love Me (Bassmonkeys Magic Spanx Mix) *
4. Solitaire Ft. Katherine Ellis You’re Mine (Original Club Mix) *
5. Bassmonkeys Ft. Abigail Bailey In The Moment (Club Mix)
6. Anton Powers & Rossko Yellow Brick Road (eSQUIRE Mix)
7. Joey Negro Ride The Rhythm (Joey Negro Club Mix)
8. Hott 22 Pres. Greg Beharry & Carlos Cid The Conversation (Club Mix)
9. Ultravibe DJ (Original Dub) *
10. Locksmiths Little Love (Club Mix) *
11. The Fierce Collective Feat Soraya Vivian If You Could Read My Mind (Degrees Of Motion Mix) *


1. Hott 22 Wicked Game (The Letting Go Mix) *
2. Freemasons Ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) (Club Mix)
3. Wamdue Project Ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn Forgiveness (Digital Dog Club Mix) *
4. Mr Dyf Ft. Shena Hold On (Freemasons Remix)
5. Elin Lanto Discotheque (MJ Extended Mix) *
6. Agnes Release Me (Full Cahill Club)
7. Shanie Piano In The Dark (7th Heaven Club Mix)
8. Whelan and Di Scala Breath Away (eSQUIRE Remix)
9. Elek-Tro Junkies Ft. Therese Neon Lights (Wideboys Remix) *
10. Verde Ft. Gemma If Only You (12″ Extended Mix) *
11. Wheels & Disco Ft. Mighty Marvin Sun Shine Down (Club Mix)


1. The Priors What You Need (Extended Mix)
2. Carolina Liar Show Me What I’m Looking For (Haji & Emanuel Mix Club Mix)
3. Pegasus Pegasus (Extended Mix)
4. The Ian Carey Project Get Shaky (Ian Carey Mix)
5. Little Boots Remedy (Kaskade Club Remix)
6. K-Klass Ft. Bobbi Finally (Full Vox Mix) *
7. Brad Hed The Real Life (Original Mix)
8. Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip Thou Shalt Always Kill (Kam Denny & Vandlism Mix) *
9. Lazee Vs Neverstore Hold On (Stonebridge MoreNeverRe-Edit) *
10. Paul Van Dyk Ft. Johnny McDaid Home (Kaskade Mix)
11. The Fierce Collective Ft. Peyton Sex On Fire (Bassmonkeys Club Mix) *

*.14 completely exclusive tracks unique to this album !

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