11/27 – This Friday is The Naked Sushi Party at Y Bar with Crescendo Late Night!! – Chicago

ybar112709250This Friday is The Naked Sushi Party at Y Bar with Crescendo Late Night!!

Surreal’s Friday Nights at Y Bar are Fantastic and this week we present Naked Sushil!! Often referred to as Body Sushi, this unique presentation will satisfy your appetite and your senses. Complimentary Sushi and Nyotaimori Presentation from 10:00-11-30 by Bistro Wasabi. Hosted 4 Rebels Cocktails from 10-11pm. Billy The Kid provides the best house vibe in the city and the crowd is always hot. Capacity is expected as expected the new combo of Y Bar with Late Night Crescendo has taken Chicago by storm.  This will be one phenomenal party with all sorts of sexy ladies.  For No Cover before 11 mention Surreal or RSVP or text surreal y to 46786. Tables and specials please email brian@surrealchicago.com or reserve online!

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  1. Are you allowed to lick the plate after?

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