Scooter and Lavelle


Scooter and Lavelle

As two of America’s top DJ talents, SCOOTER & LAVELLE redefine the art of performing with there one of a kind 4 turntable breathtaking sets. Touring relentlessly at top clubs around the globe these two dance music phenoms really know how to rock a party. There easily recognizable look and style combined with there unique diverse blend of house and hip hop have vaulted these two award winning artists to the top of the top. Scooter & Lavelle have perfected the unique art of playing 4 records at once into a seamless sound unmatched throughout the industry. Lavelle’s banging progressive house mixes are the foundation of there music, while Scooter adds in scratching, turntableism as well as hip hop, rock and pop music loops. This distinct blend of a multitude of different types of music is universally appealing to all crowds and venues. This special sound combined with there significant stage presence and visual performances have been the catalyst for their shows for over 10 years. Mastering not only live performances but studio production as well, Scooter and Lavelle have several notable releases under there belt. These include hit tracks such as: “Cant Stop (Ovum Recordings), Lets Get it (Flash Point Records), Crawling (System Recordings), as well as mix albums to include the recent acclaimed release of “Motivating the Masses” from Moist music. Additionally they have been featured in Playboy’s “Girls of the Hard Rock” and the feature film “Put the needle on the record” ( With all of these sensational productions and many more to come, Scooter and Lavelle are rapidly becoming staples in the top Dance Music release charts. Constantly in very high demand, Scooter and Lavelle continue to tour relentlessly with performances at top clubs/events world wide.

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