11/27 – MARCO V @ Ruby Skye – San Francisco, Ca



Friday, November 27

If you were to define the term ‘dance music purist’, you’d take into consideration a number of factors… knowledge, passion and substance. Combine them together and you get Marco V. Like many of the world’s superstar DJs Marco was born and bred in Holland. He is a modest and down to earth family man with an undying lust for music. Entrenched in the scene from an early age, it was clear right from the start which path Marco would take.

The rest as they say is dance music history, but a history that Marco has not only shaped but continues to re-define with every thought out move. Few DJs have done more than Marco V to draw new talent into the dance music vortex. Whilst inspiring new producers, he has also been described as the DJ’s DJ with many of his colleagues closely following what he does both in the studio and behind the decks – this is testament to his impeccable taste, and unrivalled talent.

To stay ahead to the game you have to adapt as trends change, and Marco is the master at this. On the decks he holds complete control of the crowd with a style that is impossible to put into words, incorporating anything from fierce electro to driving techno and beyond. Travel the globe and you’ll be hard pushed find a major club that hasn’t felt his force.

His studio has belted out more anthems than a national football team. From classics like ‘Indicator’, ‘Simulated’ and ‘Godd’ through to present day floorfillers such as ‘Second Bite’, ‘More Than A Life Away’, ‘Red Blue Purple’ and ‘Coma Aid’ and his reverential and massively successful updates of classics such as ‘Café Del Mar’ and ‘Loops & Tings Relooped’ leaving his discography the envy of most.

His passion and perfectionism shine through in everything he does. His Combi:Nations mix series has been a huge critical and commercial success, giving listeners at home the entire spectrum of Marco’s sound, from intimate backroom floors to the Dutch techmachine in full effect on the dancefloor. His artist album 200V was a similar smash spawning yet more dance floor destroyers and catapulting him onto the Radio 1 playlist. 2009 sees 3rd artist album Propaganda released in not one, but a groundbreaking two parts. With lead single Unprepared topping global dance charts and setting both dance floors and airwaves the world over on fire, things yet again point to yet another major hit for the V-Man. Add to the music a specially commissioned digital comic book by UK artist Vee Ladwa that spans the overall album, and it’s plain to see why Marco is more than ever regarded as a forward thinking creative pioneer who again and again sets the bar.

Genius, pioneer, legend – throw all these glowing tributes his way and Marco will just shrug them off with an unassuming smile. These are words used regularly when his name is mentioned but this doesn’t lead him to arrogance. Some people are born with music running through their veins and Marco V is one of them – A musical chameleon whose musical fire burns on and on. Year in year out – it feels like the story of Marco V has only just begun!

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