10/31 – Halloween On The Green at Tavern on the Green – Central Park West New York, NY

tavernHalloween On The Green at
Tavern on the Green

11pm -4am

5 hour premium open bar


Central Park West
New York, NY 10023


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  1. Too bad these people didn't know how to manage a crowd. We showed up and got crushed in a mob of thousands of people. All I can say is where do I sign up for the law suit. The doors never opened for most of the ticket holders.

  2. The worst Halloween event ever. Never sign up for these joke of promoters. Im declining the charge on my credit card for zero services rendered.

    • We will definitely look into this; it seems as if you definitely had a bad experience. Dance Music Authority strives to be a open community where honest feedback is encouraged, so let’s see what develops… Thanks for sharing your experience. Peace! – J. Medley

  3. This was horrible. The promoters that sold my tickets now only have a voice mail saying to call Tavern on the green as it is their responsibility. I called them, they say that they rented out their venue to Alex & Leo and they were not in any way involved. She told me to call back tomorrow to receive more information on Alex & Leo as she didn't have it. Basically who ever set this up, got greedy, sold a bunch of tickets, made ALOT of money, and then didn't bother with setting it up or having enough employees to run this event. I will get my money back in some way!!! Last year's Halloween party here was 25$, was anyone there? We paid 60, others paid 80, 100 & 130. A rip off, and a really awful thing to do to hundreds of people in this economic time.

  4. Worst time EVER. This was obviously a scam… there were over 1,000 people standing there like fools… its a good thing my credit card is willing to dispute

  5. Can we notify the news or media about this…I was there and never got in plus it was a safety hazard!

    • Let’s see what happens over the next few days. Are there other reports of issues…any other links to stories on other blogs that you can share? Thanks again for your input to the community.

  6. Enter text right here! This was a big scam by the promoters or whoever. I can't believe that the Cops did not shut it down or a major riot did not break out b/c there were thousands of people waiting outside since 9pm and then there was no security and no one could get into the bar so I want my money back and wasted my Halloween night at this scam. I waited with my girlfriend for about a half in the rain and then we left – these guys need to be brought down for this scam and exposed for who they are and need some public outcry and news. I almost called 911 while I was waiting to say there was a riot breaking out. I am pissed out and want my money back – sign me up for a lawsuit. I know many attorrneys.

  7. Locked out as well, 8 of us paid $60 cash each expecting a great night and cannot be more disappointed.. what can we do to ensure these guys don't pull this kind of stunt again?

  8. fuck tavern on the green. many articles will be written about this piece of shit establishment and their sketchy/hazardous events.

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