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Nervous Records to release Mind Control’s

Nervous Nitelife: Addicted

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Nervous Nitelife: Addicted

Nervous Records

**Release Date: November 22, 2009**

“The goal of the Nervous Nitelife series is to faithfully represent the big room, late nite club culture in America and what Mind Control does at Pacha hits right into the pulse of New York City’s club scene.  Addicted reflects what it sounds like to be under Mind Control’s spell for one evening.”

Nervous Records Founder Michael Weiss


Discerning dance music fans are often turned off by the term “big room.” Yes, while big room is typically associated with more commercial – cheesy – sounds there are also some really interesting things going on. In NYC, for example, Mind Control (AKA Peter Bailey and Richie Santana) are opting to create an entire experience rather than merely drop the hottest bombs on a crowd. Sure, most fans would be happy to hear the biggest tracks, but that’s too easy. This skilled team grabs the reins and operates the crowd with extended sets that gradually shift moods and directions. This isn’t about “glorious synths” and “peak time bangers.” It’s about doing something interesting and cool – but for the masses.

Named after their Stereo Productions smash of the same name, Mind Control launched it’s residency in late-2006 at world-famous nightclub Pacha New York. The party takes a bit of a unique approach in the club world, letting the two DJs tag-team track-for-track as their set progresses. But don’t think that the sets are disjointed – It’s almost like, as the name suggests, Bailey and Santana are working from the same brain, or at least the same control center. “It allows us to really work off each other, and work off the crowd as well,” Bailey says. “Sometimes Richie will play a song, and it will remind me or inspire me to throw up a track that I didn’t even expect to play. It has a nice spontaneity to it, and the crowd really seems to appreciate that.”

Nervous Nitelife: Addicted takes Mind Control from the big room to your living room. That is, this is a true representation of the music you’ll hear at one of Mind Control’s Pacha sets. CD 1 – entitled “Hooked” – is incredibly dark house music. For starters, the droning David Labeij “Shakedown” leads into the trippy Coyo & Imbernon “El Baile Aleman” and wobbly bass of Cocoon recording artist Matt Tolfrey’s “I Just Can’t Take It.” Julien Chaptal “Dancer” is a throwback track with meatier 4/4 beats, strobing break downs and a simple repetitive vocal ala Josh Wink’s “Don’t Laugh,” while Peter and Richie close out the first session with a look into their own production mind on “Plane Groovin”

Disc 2 – “Fixated” – opens the shades and brightens things up with bursts of tech house. Bailey and Santana play off each other from the start by dropping the tribal leaning trio of Supernova – “Esta Loca (Bonus Tech Beat Mix),” Cytric – “Boost” and D-Unity – “Shaman (Peter Bailey Mindcontrolled Mix).” The mix picks up with the rave piano strikes of Joey Seminara and Simon Gain “Music Behaviour (Original Mix)” and Subotic – “Yeah Yeahs (Dosem Remix)” before moving onto some crispy techno courtesy of Christian Smith & John Selway “Work It!” Peter and Richie close out the second disc with “Hives” and they’ve actually represented in sound what it feels like to scratch those little allergy buggers!

Mind Control – Nervous Nitelife: Addicted is released November 22, 2009 on Nervous Records


CD 1- Hooked

1.  David Labeij – Shakedown

2.  Coyo & Imbernon –  El Baile Aleman

3.  Matt Tolfrey – I Just Can’t Take It

4.  Julien Chaptal – Dancer

5.  Alex Celler – La Palma

6. Richie Santana – Deep Jungle

7. Angela K – Ballad (Pirupa & Pigi Dub)

8. Noir & Mikel Curcio – La Musica

9.  Union Jackers – Drop (Jose Velez Drum Dub)

10. Hermanez – Served

11. Peter Bailey & Richie Santana – Plane Groovin

12. Frank Maurel –  Brain Wash

CD 2 – Fixated

1.  Supernova –  Esta Loca (Bonus Tech Beat Mix)

2. Cytric – Boost

3. D-Unity – Shaman (Peter Bailey Mindcontrolled Mix)

4  Lützenkirchen – Munich Clubbing Supreme

5. Ahmet Sendil – Ring Cadet

6. Joey Seminara and Simon Gain – Music Behaviour (Original Mix)

7. D-Unity –  Afrika

8. Richie Santana – Waakt Owt

9. Subotic – Yeah Yeahs (Dosem Remix)

10.  Peter Bailey –  Oh Me

11. Christian Smith & John Selway – Work It!

12.  A.D.M – Granada (Butch Remix)

13. Peter Bailey & Richie Santana – Hives

Mind Control on Tour

October 15 – Vessel – San Francisco
October 31 – Underbar – Boston MA
Nov 13 – Escape Club – Sofia, Bulgaria
Nov 14 – Portugal TBA
Dec 31 – Orchid – Saugus, MA
Jan 5-9 – BPM Festival – Playa Del Carmen – Mexico
Jan 29-31 – Groove Cruise 2010

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