There’s Always a Good Reason to Smile!

images2Call us eternal optimists, but at Dance Music Authority, we always tend to view the glass as half-full, as opposed to half empty.  Even though the music industry has faced some massive challenges modifying its business model to conform to the new, medialess digital marketplace, the industry does continue to exist–and actually thrive.  We frequently hear reports about declining CD sales, but we rarely hear reports about actual revenue changes from year-to-year.  Yes, things are REALLY tough, but on the bright side, the creative possibilities available today are literally infinite.

Music blogs and LEGAL download sites are the rage and the trend is likely to continue.   People love music–particularly during tough economic times.   Fortunately, music and online niche communities (like are more accessible now than ever.

Support your favorite artists by downloading their work or showing up at their shows.  Make a comment or submit an interesting post to your favorite blog; feedback is viral and has a real impact.  Yes, there is a paradigm shift in full effect relative to how we produce and consume media, but that is a good thing.  For whatever reason, we completely overlook the critical fact that, now, the power is now fully in our hands, and we have the full ability to take the dance genre to the next level.  The marketplace is global and our world is far more immediate than ever before.

So, do your thing in the lab, just be sure to hit us up so we can help spread the word.  We’ll all have a blast in the process!

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