Dance Music Authority Mourns The Passing of Michael Jackson


We at Dance Music Authority join with millions of fans around the world in mourning the untimely passing of Michael Jackson.

Mr. Jackson was an extraordinary talent and an inspiration to countless individuals in a wide array of creative endeavors.  His remarkable, timeless music has been remixed and reinterpreted ad infinitum, and his global popularity as an artist is unparalleled.

The passing of Michael Jackson underscores the sanctity of human life and the importance of maximizing one’s limited time on this earth.  Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so push forward and exercise your creative inclinations NOW!

Michael Jackson’s phenomenal legacy will forever resonate and is destined to inspire countless other artists to adopt his remarkable work ethic and soar as high as their talents take them.

We’ll definitely miss you, Michael.  May your soul rest in peace.

–The DMA Family

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