6/13 – Martin Roth [Vision Sky] Row vs. Zizala – Chicago

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In 2008 Martin Roth reacquainted the world with modern electronic trance soul, as his self-proclaimed NuStyle productions & distinctive DJ Sets took over control crossing generic boundaries.
“NuStyle” describes a combination of multiple influences throughout trance, Progressive, Tech & Electro – creating a fresh sound ideal for the Dancefloor & Radio / DJ Play across the barriers, with names such as Chicane, AvB & PvD or German Chart-Toppers Ich&Ich or Rosenstolz all personally requesting the MR- Remix Treatment.

Record sales proved him right as his Remix for “sensation seekers” became #1 in 2008’s Beatport sales charts and Martin Roth was crowned alongside Eric Prydz & Deadmau5  “Star of 2008” as well as nominated more than any other Act in their ’08 awards receiving 3 nominations.

No surprise with 5 different #1 selling tracks on the Portal and an incredible 16 Top 10 singles.

The musical background of the Frankfurt born classically trained piano professional originates from 80’s Wave heroes like Depeche Mode, having his first club culture experiences in the 90’s with Sven Väth and his label imprints EyeQ & Harthouse where he fell in love with electronic dance music.

In keeping with his obsessive love of music – spanning punk, industrial/new wave, pop, house and techno – Martin set out to push the musical boundaries and challenges the dance scene’s preconceptions by going back to his roots resulting in being constantly ahead of the game feeding underground as well as mainstream interest.

Moving to Berlin marked a decisive turning-point in his career. With LUNATIQUE records and the more underground based OMFG! Martin Roth founded an independent platform and trademark for his idea of Techno music. The labels’ basic concept allows him to explore musical depths and artistic freedom releasing not style oriented but simply modern and catchy EDM featuring exclusive artist releases in combination with his own work.

Ruby Skye in San Francisco, Ministry of Sound in London or Sydney’s HOME – with his characteristic strong DJ appearances on every continent Martin Roth astonishes the crowds with his skills and unpredictable open-minded track selection giving an insight what is next on the dancefloor.

His unique and distinctive style is one that’s got people talking, with events in over 25 countries a year a statement to his exploding worldwide popularity in turn helping him being en Vogue and feed him with extra inspiration as well.

The Martin Roth debut artist album is about to be released in 2009 …
…  as he rocks all over the world.

martinroth1MARTIN ROTH [myspace.com/martinroth]

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