Breje “Glad We Met” Produced by Scott Storch


Breje “Glad We Met” Produced by Scott Storch

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Song Title: Glad We Met
Produced by Scott Storch
Label: WPE Music

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BREJE TWISTS THE SOCKS OFF HIS FANS WITH THE NEW SINGLE, “TWIST WIT IT!” YOUNG STAR DANCE SINGSATION ROMANCES HIS FANS WITH HIS DEBUT SINGLE! Boston’s tweenage entertainer Breje has sparked renewed interest in Chubby Checker’s dance, “The Twist,” with his 2008 hip hop rendition of the popular 60’s dance. Breje’s blazing hot single, “Twist Wit It, ” is rapidly becoming one of the hottest dance songs to hit the market. In the lyrics of the song, Breje (pronounced bre-jay)makes use of clever rhymes and wordplay as he gives “turn by turn” instructions to his twist on The Twist. Inspired by such popular artists as Michael Jackson, Ludacris, Chris Brown, and even Billy Ray Cyrus, Breje’s rapidly becoming what’s next and what’s hot. The Boston bred star commands so much attention that security can’t hold back fans who shriek and faint upon meeting this loveable curly haired charmer. Following a 12-week national radio campaign beginning in June, promoting “Twist Wit It” and a series of live performances, Breje will get ready to drop his debut album, will be released on WPE Music, LLC/Bungalo Records/Universal. His great grandmother once told him, “never forget the history of your ancestors and your grassroots, as you will grow into who you are, and who you are will be is defined to where you are going. To know your future you must know your history.” The new twist on twist exemplifies this motto. Breje, who sings, raps, dances and acts, is available for interviews, personal appearances and photo sessions.


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