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The powerHouse Arena, Tokion Magazine, Mark Baker, Karim Amatullah, Rocco Ancarola, Shaun Rose, Pavan Pardasani, Scott Hockens, Matt Oliver and DJ David Katz are pleased to invite you to the book launch for

By Brantly Martin
A Miss Rosen Edition

Thursday, June 4, 2009, 7-9pm

The powerhouse Arena

37 Main Street, Brooklyn

Readings by Jeff Yohai, Ruben Rivera, Mark Baker & Brantly

Music by DJ David Katz

Entrance is $15 at the door and includes a copy of the book.
Books may be pre-ordered when you RSVP.

RSVP: pillage@powerHouseArena.com

Join New York nightlife heavyweights Mark Baker, Karim Amatullah, Rocco Ancarola, Shaun Rose, Pavan Pardasani, Scott Hockens, Matt Oliver, and DJ David Katz for a reception, reading and book signing to celebrate the release of Brantly Martin’s first novel, Pillage—a brutal yet hilarious look at the lives of Manhattan’s downtown elite at the dawn of the new millennium.

Detailing the decadent descent of Cracula and his crew, Martin lures us into the shadowy ambiguities of addiction—a world where desire meets destruction and the perversity of this pathos is often laughable. Be it urban wildebeest Aeronymous, the wigga with a taste for BAPE sweaters and iced coffees; the Fireman, the overgrown adolescent who knows the quickest way to your ex-girlfriend’s bed; or the Reverend, who rejected the sins of his brothers to save the Africans from themselves, the entitled creatures of this novel plunder what remains of a once-vibrant culture and reap the spoils of our languorous generation.

Between eightballs of cocaine and pints of Patron, Cracula fluctuates between reality and fantasy, hyper-aware of the façades, formulas, and falsehoods that encircle his existence, but unable to gain an advantage. Pillage reveals the inherent hypocrisy of America’s social and economic achievements, as they are made manifest in the city that never sleeps, slyly implying that triumph is a trap in itself? And the only way out? Just ask Kurt Cobain…

Brantly Martin has been working in New York City nightlife for the past eight years, hosting weekly parties at various downtown Manhattan venues. He was born in Houston and now lives in Rome.

About the hosts:

Tokion is an arts and culture magazine that reports from the street level, where the creative community lives and thrives. Always spirited and never stuffy, Tokion goes inside the world of the contemporary artists, musicians, and designers who are pushing boundaries and shaping the way we see the world. With its world-class photography and cutting-edge design, the magazine provides a one-of-a-kind platform for the emerging stars and the established icons of art, design, fashion, music, and film to present their unfiltered visions to an audience of cultural messengers.

Mark Baker has been in the New York City club scene for 25 years and has been called the Godfather of New York nightlife. He has owned or operated venues such as Flowers, Buddha Bar, Lotus, Double Seven, and Mansion. Through his communications and promotions company, C1-5 Inc. he has provided the energy behind some of the most exciting events at the center of the world of fashion, art, and entertainment.

Karim Amatullah has been involved in New York nightlife for 20 years, he started as a promoter and has owned or managed some of Manhattan’s notoriously fabulous night spots such as Veruka, Wax, Halo, Hue, Cipriani Upstairs, and Green House.

Rocco Ancarola has been hosting events around the world for two decades. He is co-owner of the world renowned Pink Elephant nightclubs.

Shaun Rose and Pavan Pardasani have been key players in the New York nightlife industry for nearly 10 years, often working as consultants for highly anticipated restaurant and nightclub openings.

Scott Hockens is the go-to guy for creating rock and roll parties in New York and Miami. He was co-owner of the infamous Snitch and has had the best weekly Rock party in New York for years.

“Doorman extraordinaire” Matt Oliver has worked the doors of some of the best clubs in Manhattan, including hotspots B.E.D. and Mansion, for the past 7 years.
DJ David Katz is a New York City DJ and Producer. He has held residencies in some of New York’s top lounges, including The Double Seven, Socialista, the rooftop Of B.E.D, and Cipriani Downtown and has done guest spots at Marquee, Guest House, and Lotus.

For more information, please contact Jenna Lundin, jenna@powerhousebooks.com

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