Back To The Future: This Is VINYL LIFE + Free Download!!


Really good stuff here!  We also love the fact that they take production and live performances VERY seriously.  These guys are definitely NOT button pushers, hiding behind pre-mixed tracks.  It’s great to see artists with integrity who are in the game to IMPROVE the game.  Check ’em out! –J. Medley

Back To The Future: This Is VINYL LIFE

NYC trio blends the worlds of electronic music and Hip-Hop into a fully live analog experience. This is the way it’s supposed to be.

No Laptops * Real Analog Gear * Full-on Live Shows


Free Download of SICK free bootleg MP3 of

Vinyl Life vs Kraftwerk – “Good Life (It’s More Fun To Compute)”

Free Download of Vinyl Life 60 Min “Jack The Hype” DJ Mix featuring tracks from Fast Eddie, Joey Beltram, Josh Wink, Zombie Nation, Armando, Fake Blood, Giorgio Moroder and More! (Complete tracklisting below) the Hype

Essential Info:


m_c14ca847a6164932afa733354834a6cb1Vinyl Life – comprised of true New York City boys Butcha, Phaze Future and Richie Roxx – understand the power of a live show. Blending the worlds of electronic house music and classic Hip-Hop, Vinyl Life have carved out a niche of their own at a time when live and actively touring acts are few and far between. With just a few EP and single releases under their belt, Vinyl Life has already brought their unique live show to venues across the United States and international territories.

Keeping with the “old school vibe” and love of classic Hip-Hop, Vinyl Life produces with real instruments and hardware both in the studio and on stage. It’s the “gear-only” philosophy that gives Vinyl Life a sound like no other and their studio tracks have a live feel because they are produced in a dub style – the mixing board is the main instrument. Club audiences love seeing Vinyl Life create live house music on stage with an energy and vibe that no single DJ could supply.

Beyond the music production, Vinyl Life’s Phil Moffa is also a contributing editor for dance music’s longest running magazine DJ Times; its sister publication Club World Magazine; and is a Production Master Class Instructor at State University Of New York at Purchase (all three Vinyl Life members also graduated from the school). BTW – He also once lent his classic Roland TR-909 to Detroit techno legend Jeff Mills for a live performance. When not slammin’ the keys in Vinyl Life Richie Roxx showcases his indietronic sides in Nite Club, while Phaze Future smokes it with Harlem-based Hip-Hop act Smash Mechanics.

So, this is a little introduction for the masses. A way to whet your appetites for what’s coming around the bend – that is, a debut Vinyl Life artist album and tour. Set for a summer 2009 release on Vinyl Life’s own Tape Theory label, the music reflects the varying tastes of its three members and traverses multiple genres including house, Hip-Hop, hip-house, electro and reggae. This is music made from the heart and from the streets of NYC as guided by oldie-but-goodie machines.

The Future Beat starts now


Download “Jack The Hype” DJ Mix the Hype

Fast Eddie – “Yo Yo Get Funky”

Sterling Void – “Serve It Up”

N-Joi – “Techno Gangsters”

Hugg and Pepp – “Snabeln”

Doug Lazy – “Let It Roll”

Twin Hype – “For Those Who Like To Move”

Fast Eddie – “Jack To The Sound”

Nightmares On Wax – “I’m For Real”

The Crucibles – “The Letter (The Contagious Dub)”

Joey Beltram – “Energy Flash”

Josh Wink – “516 Acid”

Zombie Nation – “Filter Jerks”

Scram – “Revelation”

Armando – “151”

Fast Eddie – “Acid Thunder”

Fake Blood – “Mars”

Giorgio Moroder – “The Chase”

Adonis – “No Way Back”

Bang The Box – “Jack Master”

Continuous Cool – “Manual”

Second Phase – “Mentalism”

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