Video – DJ Jimmie Page Rockin his U2 Remix @ Ultra Music Festival 11, 2009


From You Tube:  Jimmie Page Rockin his U2 track to the Masses at Ultra Music Festival 11, 2009.  This track was Remixed by Jimmie Page.  It’s his 2009 Remix of U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name.”  Enjoy!

DJ Jimmie Page is always shooting us beautiful pluggers and we are very happy about his success.  The Internet has made our world a LOT smaller, and we are fortunate to have been turned on to some great videos from around the globe. Viva You Tube!  We are pleased to add this video to our list of favorites!  –Gina B


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  1. Thank you so much to DMA for making me a Featured Artist.
    I am completely Honored….

    More to Come Stay Tuned…


    Jimmie Page

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