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Some say that once you buy your first piece of gear, the quest for more NEVER ends.  We tend to agree with that assertion–especially since we are gear heads here @ DMAclub.  The great thing is that Moore’s Law has proven real.  Computers are super-fast and our NLE setups are lasting a LOT longer due to the fact that many of our needs for audio were addressed years ago.  The operative word here, however is “were,” for now we have tons of cool plugins to load on top of our 50 tracks!  And don’t even mention video, which requires significantly more power than just mere audio. Realizing that we want more power, the good folks at Digidesign recently announced their Hardware exchange program.  If you’re mood for an upgrade read on read on…

Digidesign is excited to announce the new Pro Tools LE Hardware Exchange program!

Need more power in your studio? Finding that your projects are growing bigger than your current Pro Tools LE® system can handle? If so, it’s time for you to trade in your gear toward the purchase of a newer, more powerful Pro Tools LE system — and there’s never been a better time to do so!

If you’re a registered owner* of a Digi ToolBox™, Digi 001®, Digi 002®, Digi 002 Rack, Mbox®, Mbox 2 Mini, Mbox 2, or Mbox 2 Pro system, you’re eligible to exchange your system up to the power of a 003®-based Pro Tools LE system.

A few reasons why it’s a better time than ever to upgrade:

1. You get Pro Tools 8 software free: If you’re not using Pro Tools 8 yet, you’ve GOT to check it out. The upgrade to Pro Tools LE 8 software is $149.95; if you participate in the Pro Tools LE Hardware Exchange program, you’ll get Pro Tools 8 included in your new system!

Pro Tools 8 software is an incredibly powerful software upgrade, especially for music producers. Here are some highlights.

  • Up to 3x more audio tracks — now 48 stereo audio tracks
  • Dedicated MIDI Editor window vastly simplifies and streamlines MIDI sequencing
  • Includes five new A.I.R. virtual instruments
  • 30 additional effects plug-ins added
  • Powerful new Score Editor window based on Sibelius notation engine
  • Beautiful, redesigned user interface with new enhancements and customizability
  • Elastic Pitch functionality added, allowing real-time pitch transposition
  • Incredible new track compositing workflow allows for easily constructing a perfect performance from multiple takes
  • And much more

Tell me more about Pro Tools 8.

2. New 003 Rack+ Factory now available: The Pro Tools LE Hardware Exchange program offers you access to the all-new 003 Rack+ Factory — the newest Pro Tools LE hardware interface — which features eight pristine built-in mic preamps.

Tell me more about the 003 Rack+ Factory.

3. Surround mixing in Pro Tools LE with Complete Production Toolkit: With the Pro Tools LE Hardware Exchange, you can get your hands on the new 003 Complete bundles, which pair a 003 Factory or 003 Rack Factory system with the Complete Production Toolkit — supporting up to 7.1 surround mixing, up to 128 simultaneous audio tracks, over $2,650 in additional effects and virtual instrument plug-ins, and much more.

Tell me more about the Complete Production Toolkit.

4. New Music Production Toolkit 2: The latest Pro Tools LE Hardware Exchange program also offers you access to the new Music Production Toolkit 2 for additional savings. Music Production Toolkit 2 features a more powerful plug-in arsenal, support for up to 64 simultaneous stereo audio tracks, and more.

Tell me more about the Music Production Toolkit 2.
Show me the Pro Tools LE Hardware Exchange Price List now! (PDF)

For more information and to make your exchange, visit your local authorized Digidesign dealer.

* The offers above are for registered users. If you are not registered, or you have recently moved or changed your registered contact information, please contact Digidesign customer service at 650.731.6198 to register now or to update your information.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. All prices, products, and specifications listed are subject to change without notice. All prices exclude tax.

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