Davide Fiore’s Demo Reel & The Power of One!

l_8ce61be2457c3d009a9fa70eca37168cDavide Fiore, from Torino, Italy, is a perfect example of  “the power of one” — just check out his motion graphics demo reel! Yes, we harp on this incessantly, but with today’s digital tools, the possibilities for self expression are limitless and the gear required to produce the magic is very attainable. Sure, the gear isn’t cheap, but thanks to the profound advances in desktop computing power, it’s totally possible to get that “big budget look” at home!

Over the course of DMA’s five-year “coma,” we’ve watched as popular nonlinear video editing (NLE) software dramatically decreased in price…yet became exponentially more powerful. Moreover, with today’s NLE suites, you can do far more than just edit; you can create broadcast-quality motion graphics or even 3D animation—yes, animation!

Upon viewing Davide’s demo reel, we were immediately floored! His sense of timing is spot-on, and his self-produced audio track is catchy and bangs hard. The real gift here is the fact that Davide created this masterpiece all by himself, using Adobe After Effects and Apple’s Final Cut Pro for the visuals, along with Apple’s Logic Pro for the audio. We’re big on video and effects here at DMAclub.com, so be on the lookout for some hard-core production tips and tricks down the road.

For now, we hope you enjoy Davide’s demo reel. We find ourselves playing it over and over trying to steal ideas—and there are lots of good ones in this 2:00 video. If you like what you see, consider dropping Davide a line via MySpace (myspace.com/davidefiore); he may have time for client/label requests. 😀

Have some fun in the lab!

–J. Medley

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  1. I want to find good pop music. Help me please.

    • There are tons of great tracks out there, and most music is very easy to find. Any of the legal download services should be able to hook you up! –DJ Johnny Medley

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