Francois K + February 2009 Line-up + Deep Space on Facebook – NY


LOCATION UPDATE: Feb. 2 & 9 Deep Space takes a special two week trip to club LOVE

We are happy to say that we’ve created a

Deep Space Fan Page on Facebook

Once you have created your account, simply click the link below to join our fan page:

179 MacDougal Street (at 8th Street)

A C E F V at West 4th Street; L at 6th Ave

21+ with photo ID :: $12 cash at the door

LOCATION UPDATE: Feb. 16 and onward, Deep Space is back at Cielo!


Cielo, 18 Little W. 12th Street, NYC
between Washington St. and 9th Ave
A C E 1 9 2 or 3 at 14th St; L at 8th Ave
21+ with photo ID :: $12 cash at the door

NEW! Deep Space videos on Youtube:

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