2/6 – Sound-Bar & Exact Events Present BT – Chicago


Sound-Bar and Exact Events Presents BT
on February 6, 2009 at 10 p.m.



BT is the creative force currently driving digital songwriting and soundscaping in its evolution into the audio-visual-spiritual art-form that will define and inspire the human narrative of the 21st Century. He is re-mastering the obsolete soundtrack of our late analog planet, reassembling from the chaos of smashed bytes blurring our sampled lives a new paradigm of beauty for This Binary Universe. The distinct stamp of BT’s virtuoso artistry and craftsmanship is already imprinted across the wide pantheon of modern popular arts and entertainment. He composed the high octane film score for the blockbuster hit The Fast and the Furious as well as the haunting tonal background for Charlize Theron’s Academy Award-winning performance in Monster. His other scores include Doug Liman’s Go, Under Suspicion (starring Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman), Miramax’s The Underclassman, Sony’s Stealth and the video game Tiger Woods Legends. His wizardry of the keyboards, classical or electronic, as well as his producing, songwriting and orchestral composing and scoring talents have been showcased in collaborations with major artists, including Sting and David Bowie. Considered the founding pioneer of trance electronica, he has engineered legendary mixes for Madonna, Seal and Sarah McLachlan.

The NOR DJ’s

“This really surpassed our expectations. Now it’s NOR this, NOR that… Who knows how far it’ll get?”In 2003, four friends decided to make their dream reality; they brought their music and ideas together, soon to render Chicago speechless. Today, NORdjs have become a staple nightlife name.Regularly playing in the city’s fittest venues, and having shared the decks with the likes of Paul Harris, Dave Seaman, Creamer & K, Paul Oakenfold, Deep Dish, Satoshi Tomiie, Steve Lawler, and Sandra Collins, NORdjs’ resume is quite impressive for having been on the scene only four years. NOR’s humble beginnings soon translated to city wide recognition with the hottest promoters. The crew’s down to earth attitude and approachable nature soon gained significant respect with Chicago’s socialites and club lovers.  The fusion of talent and musical inclination sets NORdjs apart as a versatile and unexampled group of djs.  As their slogan goes, you might ask, “Who the f***k is NOR?”  The kids of NOR first gained their electronic music foundation from a blend of childhoods spent in Europe and sound expertise forged in the birthplace of house music. It was only natural that NOR’s next step would be music production and international touring. Spanning the globe from Chicago to Miami and Eastern Europe, even NOR admits to not knowing what the future will bring.  NORDJS include  KIBO , TIMA FEI, M.SYLVIA ,AND PHATT!VAN

Billy The Kid
Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid has just returned to the U.S. after being the chosen Maxim Magazine Spring Break DJ in Acapulco, Mexico. Rock City entertained and amazed over 20,000 spring breakers during his six week stay. “DJ Rock City is an incredible DJ and Maxim was lucky to have him at Maxim Break,” said Jennie Corallo, Maxim’s Marketing Director. While in Mexico, Rock City opened for DJ AM, DJ Green Lantern, DJ LS1, T-Pain, and Lil’ Flip.
Residing in Chicago, B96.3 Mixmaster Billy the Kid contributes to the most listened to Mix Show from New York to L.A., which caters to millions of listeners each week. In the event of being showcased, aside from his multiple residencies at hotspots of Chicago, Billy has played at some of the biggest venues and events in the world, some of which crowds have reached 50,000+ in attendance. He was also a featured Dj at the Winter Music Conference in Miami alongside Djs Seb Fontaine, Donald Glaude, Robbie Rivera and BT to name a few.

Mark Centennial

Mark has finally graduated to VJing ( as in beat mixing music videos ). Not only that, but he customizes the original videos themselves for full dance floor effectiveness, so a good percentage of the videos he plays have been extended, reconstructed, reworked and laid on top of new sound for club play. When Centennial is in the booth you will now get to hear and see your favorite Hip Hop, R&B and House songs / artists in a way you probably haven’t before. Remixes, Mash-Ups and live performances from all over the world are just some of the things you’ll see, stuff you’ll hear and places you’ll be taken before the night is over. Count on two things at one of Mark’s events, new video reworks premiering pretty much every week and the only place you’ll see them is with him.

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