The RESIDENTS complete Bunny Boy Internet Series & New Episode

Regardless of one’s genre preference, you owe it to yourself to check out their YouTube channel!  We love the art of promotions! Enjoy this awesome release! – Gina G.



MVD Visual and The Residents are pleased to announce the broadcast of the complete Bunny Boy Internet Series via YouTube starting immediately.

This week, Episodes 1-15 are appearing on YouTube sponsored by MVD – There will be three episodes posted per day starting on Monday and ending on Friday.

Then, during the week of January 26th, Episodes 16-30 will be added in the same fashion: three episodes posted per day starting on Monday and ending on Friday. In the same respect, Episodes 31-44 will begin on February 2nd.

On February 16th, a set of BRAND NEW episodes will commence: Episodes 45-47entitled Arkansas. The three-episodes-per-week schedule will continue until the series is complete.

The Bunny Boy is a man desperately reaching out for help in locating his lost brother. He has decided to create videos in his secret room, his personal sanctuary, and post them online in the hopes that someone will reach out and help him.

The series is a vast psychological mystery, at once frightening and empathic. Viewers will feel apprehension and sympathy for this strange character as he disjointedly reveals clues to his brother’s disappearance. The videos are also filled with the Residents’ characteristic dark humor.

The album The Bunny Boy is a collection of songs based on events from the video series. Sonically is it similar to recent releases such as Demons Dance Alone and Tweedles, with wonderful synthetic textures; musically it is very upbeat, very catchy, very enjoyable, with many ideas condensed into each composition; vocally the Singing Resident is featured on every track, backed up with very creative chorus structures; lyrically it tells a story of sadness and madness, of confusion and delusion, of helpless fear.

Album Info:

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The Bunny Boy represents The Residents in top form in terms of storytelling, psychological exploration, and bizarre-yet-catchy melodies. It breaches pop music in a most twisted fashion, and the mysterious clues of The Bunny Boy’s inner sanctum truly blur the line between fiction and reality. In this respect, it seems to be one of the most personally revealing projects in the Residents’ career.


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