1/24 – DISCO BISCUITS w/ RJD2 & Prefuse 73 @ Congress – Chi


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The Disco Biscuits


returning to Chicago for the first time since 2007 and playing the Congress for the first time, have entered their second decade as one of the most successful acts on the jam-band circuit. In the years since the band sprang out of the University of Pennsylvania party scene in the mid-’90s, the Disco Biscuits have brought together the worlds of jam bands and electronic music with its “trance-fusion” sound that mixes the free-form improvisations of jazz with the hypnotic rhythms which provided the soundtrack for rave culture. In the process, the band has garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase.


Underground hip-hop super-producer to some, virtuoso sample-based instrumentalist wizard to others, RJD2 embodies all of these things on his latest album, The Third Hand but placates none who seek more of the same.

Prefuse 73

returns to Chicago for the first time since turning the 2008 Wicker Park Festival into a raucous dance party. For a review of Prefuse 73, check out this write up of the album pitchfork.com gave an uncharacteristically favorable 9.1 rating: http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/record_review/21022-prefuse-73-one-word-extinguisher

Congress Theater

2135 N Milwaukee Ave

Chicago IL 60647  18


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