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Oscar P’s “Crispfied” Single Sets Up 2009’s “Time Machine”

Happy Holidays! Hope that you get Crispified with your friends and loved ones over this holiday season – be safe! OP
There’s a shed load of mixes on this one and I could get hung up describing them in great detail but this time I’m going to keep it brief. I’ve been caning the “Ospina & Oscar P Bump Mix” which is something you can really get down to. It’s not subtle but it’s not meant to be. We’re talking seriously funky with bounding chords that will go down an absolute storm in an array of venues. The re are other mixes to cater for those who want a mellower vibe or something deep dark or techy but for now I’ve found the one that works for me.
—-By Dean Serafini (JJaz Project Magazine UK)
New York based Santo Domingo native Oscar P, delivers his first album in years combining a solid line-up of featured guests, production partners, and original material. “I do a lot of vocals myself on this album, so even people who know me will be surprised a bit. The album pays homage to the scene I came up in, and the scene I am in coming up in right now”. The first single, “Crispified” features a strong package with mixes by D:Fuse & Hiratzka, Benny Royal, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Dj Spin & Troy Manner, Kid Chris, Davdison Ospina, 5IRKHAN, Colin Sales, Scott Watson, Cortes, Sound Control, Alex Almeida, Blackliquid, Wil Alonso, Juan Kato, & Groovegetters.

“Time Machine”…. “Ummm no comment…I will say that the album is about passion, instinct, creativity, and taking chances. That was the message behind Open Bar Music, and that’s the message on this album.”  Catch Oscar P soon with new residencies with Aqua-Booty NY (Greg Cuoco’s re-launched house night). Also upcoming dates include trips to London, Germany, Miami, Ecuador, as well as summer dates at Water Taxi Beach with Victor Franco, and Ospina.


Robert Owens – Crispified track is cool, it’s sure to rock the house

Dirty Vegas – great solid production with pulsing lines that push the vocals to make this a
floor killer!

Terry / Terrance Dizko – great stuff – will be playing in sets & on my radio shows!

Andy Ward – Galaxy 102 – Will get behind this.

Jim Ryan – Miss-Moneypennys – Chuff Chuff
Slammin tune will get radio support this week and dropped at Chuff Chuff this weekend

Paul Hughes – Energy FM UK – In Rotation!! Love This

Yves Eaux – Awesome release! Amsterdam loves it!

Darryl Owens – Awesome DUDE!!!!

DJ KIK – Groove Session – Outstanding

D:Fuse – We smashed our mix during the weekend gigs. Incredible!

Graham Sahara – Seamless UK – Bad ass deep house.

JazzLoungerz – Love the Karol XVII – MB Valence remix, perfect for my deeper sets.
Full support!

Jevne Miller really feeling the Karol XVII RMX!

Lance JordanCielo, Sullivan Room, Le Souk, Tao, Pacha
Dope release here…. lots of very playable mixes!  Nice work!!!

Dean Saunders – Nice release…..will be playing Kid Chris and Scott Watson mixes!!

Greg Fenton (M8 Mag) – D:Fuse & Hiratzka mix is working for me

Dougie Mack – Coast FM – Costa Blanca Spain Playing Crispified on Coast FM right now! Lovin your work.

Hot Hands – Nice package. Will play it on my radio show.

Clemens Rumpf I like the Karol XVII – MB Valence Remix

Andy Holder (Nuwavonic) – Solid release, Solid mixes

Bogdan Taran –  Capital FM, Latvian radio syndication/
This is sooooo wonderful piece of music!!

Steeve White – C.L.U.B. RoiAll
You Have a big fan here in Holland!!!! Yes!! This track is smashing!

DJ NICK POWER – Unknown FM Lovin This, will work it into Rotation…Great Release!

Nacho Marco – really into the Karol XVll & MBValence remix, will play it a lot.

DJ Sted-E Ospina-OscarP-BumpMix !!!!!! This Mix Is Straight Up Jacking !!!!

Ben Webb, Knights of the Round Tables – great mixes. will defo be playing the dfuse-hiratzka mix & the bump mix. will do some damage on the dancefloor

iLike Oscar P


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