12/28 – The Allies of Fathom DJ – A Benefit to Replace STOLEN DJ Gear @ Darkroom – Chicago

Fathom DJ is definitely someone we want to help in a time of need; for she has given so much to the house community.  A technically-gifted, and forward-thinking DJ, Fathom experienced a DJ’s worst nightmare–total theft.  Fathom DJ’s laptop, external hard drive, and Serato kit were stolen on Thanksgiving eve, of all days.  The window of her vehicle was also smashed, to punctuate the loss.

This really is the down side of the business.  We have all heard the well-known stories of DJs getting their records stolen, but when its a laptop–things get a lot more personal.

There is a lot more information contained in the links below.  If you are able, please consider giving Fathom DJ some support!

-J. Medley

mark your calendar 12/28

family friends associates and complete strangers…

thanks in advance to everyone who has and is donating their time

to become allies to fathom dj!

any questions please contact


please feel free to forward






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