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DJ Alan King Demonstrates Perfect Blends

Happy Holidays! We all have so much for which to be profoundly thankful: family, good friends and the miracle of truly being “alive” and having the opportunity to celebrate the myriad blessings that are manifesting all around us. These are very exciting times at DMA, and we cannot adequately put into words how grateful we are for being able to get back on our feet and experience a vivid “new” world after our five-year “coma.”

As DJs, producers and fans of electronica, we REALLY have a lot to be thankful for—particularly over the last 5 years! Now is an excellent time to be in the “game” of music. If you want to produce original material, there is absolutely nothing holding you back. Today’s production tools enable aspiring artists to do practically anything they want “in the lab”—and, at a level of sonic excellence that would have been cost-prohibitive just five years ago. As the cliché goes, there is no reason to “let the music die inside of you!” So, produce!

Finally, at Dance Music Authority, we give thanks for and enthusiastically celebrate the election of our “hometown hero,” President-elect Barack Obama. It will be refreshing to have a commander-in-chief whose feet are planted firmly on the ground and can empathize with the “common” man or woman. Over the course of the brutal campaign, terms like “aloof,” “elitist” and “professorial” were thrown around to make it appear as if Mr. Obama were living in a bubble. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those familiar with Chicago’s Hyde Park / Kenwood communities know that the overwhelming majority of its residents—like the Obamas—are hard-working people who don’t run from “urban” issues, but choose to improve their communities from within by confronting challenges head-on.

Another trait effective leaders share is that they tend to surround themselves with brilliant people. A perfect example is attorney Alan King, a person who does EVERYTHING exceptionally well. He also has the unique distinction of being an Obama delegate, who represented the state of Illinois at the Democratic National Convention. Now that’s beyond awesome! Alan actually traveled with Mr. Obama on a number of occasions throughout the grueling campaign. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, we should also mention that Mr. King is a member of Chicago’s legendary Chosen Few, an amazing collective of DJs/producers who continue to push the envelope and redefine the sound of the underground house music scene. They’re as deep as you can get—period!

We’re especially thankful for the video of Alan “AK” King we obtained at the Birthday celebration for Chosen Few member Jesse Saunders. We hope you enjoy this little montage, replete with a few of AK’s photos from the campaign. Definitely take notice of Alan’s PERFECT blends—he’s a true master of the fine art of LIVE mixing!

Lastly, be on the lookout for Jesse’s club footage, as well as an in-depth interview of Mr. Saunders himself—he has a lot going on!

So, “Happy holidays, y’all!” There’s nothin’ to it but to do it!


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