11/15 – Tonight on Dance Mix America Radio – DEBBY HOLIDAY LIVE WITH JENSEN!

Our friends at DANCE MIX AMERICA (another “DMA”) have a very good thing going on.  Check em’ out.  Dance Music Authority Magazine has always been “open source” –particularly with cool folks looking to support the dance music community. There is plenty of room for tons of “DMAs”–Dance Mix America, and us here at Dance Music Authority! It’s all about the music. Do your thang!

Congrats and continued success, Jason!

–J. Medley

TUNE IN LIVE TONIGHT ON DMA RADIO www. DanceMixAmerica. com as Jason Jensen will have a nice one on one LIVE interview with International Singer/Songwriter DEBBY HOLIDAY.

THE SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY MIX WITH JASON JENSEN starts at 8:00pm (EST.) and can only be heard EXCLUSIVELY on DMA – Dance Mix America…
www. DanceMixAmerica. com

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