11/19 – Dance Party w/Clique Talk/ BFF and CUPCAKES!! @ Darkroom – Chicago

what else are you doing

on a wed night?? I really want to see your face.


$4 Jameson drinks & $2 PBR bottles

Help kick off our newest monthly dance party tonight with two of Chicago’s most infamous party starters, CLIQUE TALK and BFF. As always, Cease To Resist is hosted by DJs Dr. Drase and Rev. Michael Flavor of Hump Day Dance Party.

“Imagine a more demonic version of Liars without all the chanting, or like, a more industrial version of Wire. Maybe I’m being delusional, but some of these melodies sound like Eurythmics/80s synth-pop group lines that have been seriously dubbed and warped. Maybe that’s a good way to put Clique Talk’s style, though … it’s as though they’ve collected all the leftover fragments of the post-punk and early New Wave stuff as well as DFA disco-twinged stuff, blended them all together, and heated the concoction up, making it sludgier, thicker, and completely new.
” – www. bibabidi. net/
http://www. myspace. com/thisiscliquetalk


If you wanna know the truth, BFF is the Punk answer to Juke, just as the original Punk was the answer to Disco.

BFF is made up of super-amazing artist POOPER (aka Elisa Harkins) and Mahjongg’s HUNTER HUSAR.

They add a visual element to the music which is mostly influenced by the likes of Paper Rad, Friends With You, and Japanese music giant, Cornelius.

Check out the Ham Dance and other lovely things on their myspace:
http://www. myspace. com/pooperisyourbff
http://pooptronica. com

In addition to all this, Meghann Coleman will be selling superbly delicious baked goods, with proceeds to benefit the Chicago Indie Radio Project. Check out her blog…

http://www. rocknrollingpins. com/

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