Trance – DNA Mixtape Demo

DNA israel
Name(s): Eitan Tanami & Zeev Kardonski
Genré: Fullon Psychedelic Trance
DNA are Eitan Tanami (also known as Injection) and Zeev Kardonski, Two of the most talented and innovative Electronic music creators of the recent times, emerging from Israel! This Israeli duo is mainly known over the world for its genuine and unique style for Psy Trance music they produce with a fresh new sound. Influenced from their wide musical background, combining many motives and elements from other musical genres into their trance creations with a top of the line sound production that leads to an extra ordinary state of the art trance tracks highly admired by many trance music lovers worldwide!! Over a relatively short period of time, DNA had released many successful productions that are considered as big hits in the worldwide psy trance area, each of them different from the other in style and approach, enjoying a massive support of Top international trance DJ’s and labels! In 2006 the DNA had released their premiere album “Kick Me UP” – a beautiful journey of carefully selected high quality trance tracks, supported by “The Music” EP, which had become an overnight success and a compilation entitled “The Next Generation” by DNA that contained mainly remixes done by the group to big hits of other popular Psy Trance acts (Wizzy Noise, Melicia, Quantum and PsySex), collaboration done with other artists like Melicia and a selection of recent Psy Trance hits done by other artists they respect and play in their DJ sets around the world!!! Works like “The Music”, “No Good (Start The Dance)” – their amazing interpretation to The Prodigy hit, “ShuShu The Fox”, “Demons In My Head” and their fantastic remixes to “Japanese Awa” (PsySex), “Behemoth”(Wizzy Noise) and “Running Out Of Time” (Melicia) alongside to many other successful trance tracks, had places the DNA boys at the front row of Psy Trance music creators around the world.

And in the hall of fame of Israeli Trance Masters!!!!

DNA are currently performing around the world to promote their music – Touring Brazil, Mexico, Russia, France, Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Japan, Switzerland, India, Israel and many other countries are scheduled for 2007!!! Their live act is probably one of the best at this scene with the participation of the Guitar player Moshe Levi, a very talented musician himself, who brings a rock energy on stage with a great presence and performance together with the boys creating an unforgettable show and musical experience!!!


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