New – Universal Audio Releases Moog Filter Plug In

UA Ships Moog® Multimode Filter Plug-In For UAD-1 & v5.1 UAD Platform Software

UA Hq, Scotts valley, california—26th September 2008, Universal Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality vintage audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations, today announced v5.1 of the UAD Powered Plug-Ins Software for the UAD DSP Platform. V5.1 includes the new Moog Multimode Filter plug-in for UAD-1 exclusively endorsed and officially licensed by Moog Music Inc and developed by UA. V5.1 also contains multi-core driver enhancements uniquely for the UAD-2. The Moog Multimode Filter employs UA’s cutting-edge, proprietary analog filter modeling, and has an introductory price of US$199 and is available as a fully functional 14-day demo in the v5.1 download at The Moog Multimode Filter will be available for UAD-2 in a future software release. UAD-2 owners who buy the Multimode Filter now for UAD-1 will get the UAD-2 version at no additional cost. UAD customers with outstanding UAD$ vouchers or coupons can redeem these against the purchase price of the full-blown Moog Multimode Filter and free additional Moog Multimode Filter SE.

MOOG Multimode Filter KEY FEATURES:

• Classic Moog ladder-type 24dB/Oct (4-pole) & 12dB/Oct (2-pole) LPF/HPF/BPF

• Extreme distortion via 0/+20dB Input Gain, replicating MiniMoog external input

• Stunningly “analog”; Self-Oscillation, Smooth Saturation, Zero Artifacts/Quantization

• Enveloper Follower, Six LFO wave shapes, and DAW tempo synchronization

• Mono & Stereo processing with Spacing/Offset features from Voyager

• Includes Free low-DSP Multimode Filter “SE” version for high instance counts

The new Moog Multimode Filter delivers the first truly analog-sounding VCF (voltage controlled filter) emulation made for mixing, performing, creating, or destroying. The Moog Multimode Filter combines the best of Bob Moog’s classic Moog Modular, Minimoog & Moogerfooger designs with select features from his final Voyager instrument. UA meticulously modeled the analog behavior of the historical 4-pole ladder filter including all of the non-linearities of the original. UA takes this analog marvel to the next level by combining a Lowpass, Bandpass, and Highpass filter in one unit, and allowing Moog’s signature self oscillation and extreme resonance in any of the filter modes.


“The Multimode Filter is our first step into a brand new area of sonic manipulation for UA and we are utterly proud to be doing it with the definitive “analog” filter/synthesizer company and indeed the original inventors of the classic ladder filter – Moog.” Said Mike Barnes, VP Marketing. “This product uses newly developed, proprietary and never-heard before filter modeling techniques to capture all the phat distortion, ballsy warmth, resonant squeals, sweeps and self-oscillation that are the big heart of the Moog sound.”

“The UA design team working from original Moog schematics has modeled circuit behavior right down to the individual component level. The result is a sonic tool that doesn’t just sound like a Moog filter, it responds dynamically to tweaks and changes in the same way that Moog hardware does, so you can really “play” the parameters in the classic Moog way.” enthused Michael J. Adams, Moog Music Inc, President.

“The overdrive is truly an outstanding feature; it’s so detailed and organic, with all kinds of beautifully-unpredictable sonic results depending on the source material and settings.  The envelope follower is smooth and musical, with a very natural response.  It’s easy to get a lot more life and interest out of almost any kind of digital source material with the tools this plug-in provides.  I think your customers will find that the Moog filter sounds and feels like working with a classic piece of analog hardware.” observed respected Moog “guru” Amos Gaynes, Moog Applications Engineer.

About the UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card

The UAD-2 is the ultimate sonic upgrade for your DAW. At the heart of every UAD-2 DSP Card & Powered Plug-Ins package is the revolutionary UAD-2 PCIe DSP card. With its potent Analog Devices SHARC® 21369 floating-point processor(s), the UAD-2 Solo/Duo/or Quad can track, mix and master to the next power at sample rates from 44.1 to 192kHz. The UA Powered Plug-Ins Collection brings the most sonically revered processors form the past 50 years of audio to your computer including vintage equalizers and compressors, superior precision mastering tools, lush reverbs and officially licensed classic hardware emulations from Neve®, Roland®, Moog®, SPL® and more.

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Founded in 1999 by Bill Putnam Jr. and based in Scotts Valley, California, Universal Audio is best known for its vintage analog reproductions and advanced Digital Signal Processing technology. The company is focused on merging the best of classic analog and modern digital technology. UA is devoted to this endeavor, following its rich recording heritage & motto, “Analog Ears | Digital Minds.”

710 Twin-Finity, 1176AE, LA-2A, 1176LN, LA-3A, UAD-1, UAD-1e, UAD-Xpander, UAD-Nevana X2, UAD-2, “Powered Plug-Ins”, “Universal Analog Intelligence”, and UAi are trademarks of Universal Audio, Inc. Moog® is a registered trademark of Moog Music Inc.

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