Grown & Sexy Saturdays @ Kita’s Lounge – Chicago


Real House on 43rd Street in the Chi; enough said!  The house music resurgence is real and sounding better than ever. The lineup speaks for itself.  The evolution of house continues, and can be witnessed live EVERY Saturday!

Kita’s Lounge, 4310 South Prairie, Chicago.

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  1. Kitas is full of crap!!!!!!!!!!! I came to see a show there and I paid my money and they closed down the show before it ever started. They knew the place was a little too crowded before they took my money. They refused to give a refund and the owner and the so called promoters were long gone with everyones money. I would not ever recommend this ghetto unprofessional place to anyone I know. The only reason I came at all was to support a family member that was supposed to perform that night. (he never did).

    • Sorry to hear about your bad experience, Karla. This is the first time we have heard a complaint of this nature about this venue. In the spirit of our open forum, we feel obligated to post your feedback. Please keep us posted about other venues/events. Peace! –J. Medley

  2. interested in having a party here. I don’t see a phone number to call and inquire.

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