Dance Music Authority Radio Is On 24/7/365!

We are pleased to announce that Dance Music Authority Radio is now online!

This was one of the final items on our seemingly endless “to do list.”  DMAclub is now pumping dance music 24/7/365, and the audio can be launched directly from this very web site. The overall functionality and playlist will be modified in short order, but we didn’t want to waste any more time tweaking at the expense of bangin’ tracks.  Be on the lookout for an eclectic mix of dance music, as well as artist interviews and special features.

If you would like to submit tracks or DJ mixes for consideration, please connect with us via our contact page and we will hit you back ASAP. Thanks again to the countless supporters around the globe who continued to show DMA major love over the course of our five-year coma. Even though DMA was defunct and unable to showcase their art, these individuals provided unending encouragement and innovative ideas for a new plan of attack. So, here we go again; we’ll simply pick up right where we left off. This time, however, it will be way more fun! Peace to all!


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