Jason Antone’s “Love’s Gonna Lead You Back” Trail Blazes to Triumph!


Jason Antone’s “Love’s Gonna Lead You Back” Trail Blazes to Triumph!

Los Angeles, CA – July 23, 2008 *** Shaking up the charts this week, Jason Antone’s latest hit single “Love’s Gonna Lead You Back,” is building to a crescendo. Currently moving up the Billboard Club Play Chart seven notches to no. 32, “Love’s Gonna Lead You Back” is proving to be the perfect summer anthem. Mix shows and dance radio stations are feverishly adding the song to their play lists and receiving an enormous response from listeners. With Jason Antone’s sturdy and stunning vocal receiving these industry and audience accolades, the track landed ceremoniously on the iTunes Dance top-ten list this week.

The edgy “Love’s Gonna Lead You Back” video directed by Jeremy Kotin is slated to begin playing on Logo later this month. For Promo Only subscribers, the Peter Barona Peak Club Vocal Mix is currently distributed on the August 2008 Mainstream Club CD. The full-length maxi-single features sensational mixes by Georgie Porgie, Josh Harris, Manny Lehman, Peter Barona, Willie Ray Lewis, Tod Miner, Jose Spinnin and “G” Cavelle. To get your fill of “Love’s Gonna Lead You Back” from Chickie / Music Plant visit Perfectbeat.com or iTunes today!

About Jason Antone

Shooting onto the music industry landscape like a bolt from the blue, dashing Chicago native Jason Antone strikes the scene with his vibrant vocal and songwriting flash.  Boasting solid musicianship, which began in front of the piano at the age of three, Antone graduated with a double bachelor degree in Vocal Studies and Music Management from DePaul University.  Although an adept songwriter, it was a remake of Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” produced by Willie Lewis, which ignited Antone’s career. In the fall of 2006, Chickie Records officially released Antone’s self-penned dance track “With You,” along with an edgy music video.   In 2007, Chickie Records released “Be Free,” which was co-written by Jason Antone and Georgie Porgie.  Cementing he’s got the chops, Jason Antone is also featured on the praiseworthy “Turn It Up America” collection.  Antone is presently hard at work on his first full-length solo album for release in 2008 and his current music is available on iTunes and at retail locations nationwide. For more information on Jason Antone please visit http://www.jasonantone.com and http://www.myspace.com/jasonantone.

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