ARC – Tune Your Room And Never Question Your Mix Again!

Take your room out of the mix!

IK’s innovative ARC System is tuning thousands of rooms across the world, and helping people mix better and more confidently!

The combination of your room with the monitoring system in your studio proves to be the weakest link in your audio production chain. When monitors are placed in a room, the surrounding walls, ceiling, furniture and other objects reflect and absorb their sounds; creating complex distortions specific to the room- causing them to lose the accuracy they have been designed for, and you end up hearing more of the sound of the room than the music actually being produced.

Reviewers and users unanimously agree: ARC solves this problem and works wonders on a mix!

ARC System delivers the most advanced solution to acoustical problems for any DAW-based studio. Combining a professionally calibrated microphone, standalone software that captures sound information and calculates proper room correction, and a multi-platform plug-in: this technology will improve how your studio sounds forever.

Since its release just few months ago, ARC has already been installed in thousands of studios and garnered over 14 great reviews and 5 awards plus great user reviews and testimonials. This goes to show that IK Multimedia has done it again: combined with Audyssey’s MultEQ® technology, IK Multimedia has brought musicians a much-needed solution to help you finally trust the sound of your studio.

Never question your sound again. Mix it right the first time with ARC.

Find out how ARC System can help your mixes at and see the list of stores worldwide where you can check ARC by yourself!

Buy ARC online, or find a retail store near you and take advantage of additional savings!
ARC System: $699.99/€539.99
Crossgrade price: $549.99/€419.99

IK Multimedia. Musicians First.

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