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We love the digital revolution, because everything you want is right at your fingertips.Hard to Find Records definitely has a lot to offer, and their site is very well-organized. Double copies, anyone?
HTFR Weekly Newsletter – 28th June 2008 click here to visit our website – www.htfr.com
Here at Hard To Find we’ve had yet another week filled with top releases that you can’t possibly afford to miss! To check out a full list of titles recently arrived in stock be sure to check out http://www.htfr.com/vinyl/just-in/
Meanwhile, this is our hand picked selection of the very best of this weeks tunes:
This week’s hottest items at Hard To Find Records – htfr.com

will b
tranceNu-depth recordings are proud to welcome up & coming trance star will b with his energetic uplifting cut ‘bittersweet’. Helping out with proceedings are two guys who are no strangers to the scene. First up is digital na…
MR250318 Price – £5.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR250318_1.mp3 listen to mp3
Product of the weekhttp://www.htfr.com/more-info/?catno=MR267270 SOUNDLAB LED TOWER MIDI – VU METER (MULTI-COLOURED)
Price: £19.95
click here for more info



mark brown & micky slim present
live & direct
electro houseHere we have the Vinyl sampler of the superb new cr2 Live & Direct album. Includes the massive Stupid Fresh remix of the Loose Cannons. Make sure you pop down to htfr on Sat 28th June to see Mark Brown & Micky Slim!!
MR264204 Price – £5.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR264204_1.mp3 listen to mp3

chronic records present
big bad and heavy ep – part 2
drum ‘n’ bassBryan G’s legendary Chronic imprint slaps down the dance once more with a fine selection of bass-heavy tracks. First up is Cabbie with the sweeping synth madness of ‘london Hoo’, packed full of energy and familiar vocal…
MR263722 Price – £11.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR263722_1.mp3 listen to mp3
Hard To Find Records current recommendations charts
This week’s best of the rest from htfr.com
http://www.htfr.com/more-info/?catno=MR266484 FAKE BLOOD

Quite simply big house with immense basslines and added dirty synths!! Superb stuff getting maxed by Fatboy Slim, Herve…
MR266484 Price – £6.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR266484_1.mp3mp3
http://www.htfr.com/more-info/?catno=MR265524 ZERO TOLERANCE & SURVIVAL

Another superb 12″ on Dispatch see’s Zero Tolerance & Survival link once more. The soothing vocals of Steo sit perfectl…
MR265524 Price – £6.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR265524_1.mp3mp3
http://www.htfr.com/more-info/?catno=MR268433 CHROMEO

Laidback Luke drops the massive remix of the Chromeo track “fancy Footwork”. Massive for Pete Tong on Radio 1.
MR268433 Price – £6.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR268433_1.mp3mp3
http://www.htfr.com/more-info/?catno=MR249794 KLUTE

Commercial suicide is all about exploring different horizons but with high standards finally the ‘halloween’ tune is go…
MR249794 Price – £6.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR249794_1.mp3mp3
http://www.htfr.com/more-info/?catno=MR245577 TC

‘where’s my money’ was the unexpected hit from last years tc lp, with its 12″ release last summer the number it did far…
MR245577 Price – £6.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR245577_1.mp3mp3
http://www.htfr.com/more-info/?catno=MR267198 TJ CASES

First release from the brand new label northern line classics. Tj cases classic vocal garage anthem “joy” gets new remi…
MR267198 Price – £6.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR267198_1.mp3mp3
http://www.htfr.com/more-info/?catno=MR259995 MOBY

The Noisia boys are back on the remix tip for another huge mainstream artists following their Robbie William’s relick l…
MR259995 Price – £6.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR259995_1.mp3mp3
http://www.htfr.com/more-info/?catno=MR233824 RHYTHM CENTRAL FEAT. ROACHFORD

Current man of the moment, ian round is back with his highly catchy remix of the massive “cuddly toy”, by the local lad…
MR233824 Price – £6.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR233824_1.mp3mp3
http://www.htfr.com/more-info/?catno=MR240715 AMS & SEVENTY 7

Big bouncing hardcore action from ams sure to get the dancefloors rocking up and down the land includes “little pills” …
MR240715 Price – £5.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR240715_1.mp3mp3
http://www.htfr.com/more-info/?catno=MR228944 JAY C VS THE ROCK STEADY CREW

For many this will be the disc everybody plumbs for. Toolroom records favourite, martijn ten velden drops the killer re…
MR228944 Price – £5.99 http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR228944_1.mp3mp3
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