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Main Room – Derrick Carter
Born and raised in the western suburbs of the Windy City, Derrick L. Carter was enveloped by House music from its nascent beginnings.

Derrick nurtured his love for House music working at legendary dance music specialty stores like Gramaphone, and slots at warehouse parties across Chicago. Derrick progressed to regular DJ stints at seminal clubs like Shelter, Foxy’s and the Smart Bar. His early sets, whilst rooted in House, seamlessly incorporated old-school disco, soul and jazz, and he soon developed a trademark sound that rewrote the rulebook and would influence a new breed of Chicago DJ’s.

This unique and innovative DJ style soon began to attract a loyal fan base, and it wasn’t long before Derrick was DJing in every corner of the world. This prolific globetrotting soon earned him the reputation as the Ambassador for the new generation of Chicago house, following in the legendary footsteps of Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson and Ron Hardy. Derrick is blessed with an ungodly skill of being able to play the most unlikely records in a creative, unorthodox style, taking that trademark Chicago sound to a whole new level.

Derrick found a home away from home in Europe, especially in Britain where he’s become a major celebrity among dance-music aficionados – the DJ’s favourite DJ and the discerning House lovers DJ of choice. In 1996 Muzik magazine awarded Derrick the prestigious Best New DJ award, in recognition of his standing in the UK club community.

However, it’s not just Derrick’s deck-wizardry that has earned him so much respect. It’s also his larger than life personality and affable character that endear people to him and ensures that the dancefloors are always packed when Derrick’s in town. As Derrick says, “People come up to me and say, ‘Man, I had the worst day. My girlfriend left me, I locked my keys in my car, but you turned me for two hours, and that made me able to get up in the morning.’ That’s the best thing going.”

It was only natural that Derrick would take his infinite knowledge of the music he loved, and turn his hand to production. In 1988 Derrick, fellow DJ Mark Farina, and friend Chris Nazuka released an EP as the group Symbols & Instruments. The record had a strong influence on the burgeoning ambient techno movement in the UK. While it wasn’t a commercial success, it established Derrick as an international figure in the dance-music underground.

Derrick released his first solo album under the Sound Patrol moniker. Entitled ‘Sweetened -No Lemon’, the album exuded a soulfulness and low-key grittiness that resonated beyond the infectious grooves and made a departure from the machine-like quality of the dance music fare of the time. From these early beginnings, Derrick has recorded under a plethora of pseudonyms such as Rednail, Oneiro and Tone Theory.

Since then the pioneering, innovative tracks and consequent critical acclaim have marked Derrick out as one of the most important players in dance music. Derrick forged a close friendship with fellow DJ Luke Solomon that lead to the birth of Classic Recordings. Derrick upped sticks from Chicago to Barnet, London during the labels formative period. Derrick’s first release was as Rednail with ‘I Think of You’, followed by the ‘Nu Pschidt’ and ‘Mo Pschidt’ EP’s under his own name. ‘Nü Pschidt’ combined woven scatting with sleepy minimal beats on ‘Dreaming Again’ and skilfully cast Derrick’s own low, sexy drawl over trademark Carter grooves to form ‘Boompty Boomp Theme’, described by acid house legend Andy Weatherall as ‘the greatest house record of the year, if not the next two years.’

During this period, Classic developed from a pioneering, underground boutique label, to one of the most cutting-edge, highly- respected House labels ever, with a massive worldwide following. Alongside Luke, it was Derrick’s musical and conceptual input that has resulted in Classic becoming one of the leaders in the world of house. Derrick’s standing allows him to A&R and sign some of the most groundbreaking, original tracks and artists – from Matthew Herbert and DJ Sneak to Tiefschwarz and Isolée.

Over the last year Derrick has been busy working on his eagerly awaited artist album ‘Squaredancing In A Roundhouse’, due for release on Classic in the Autumn of 2002, preceded by a new single, ‘Where U A?’ The album perfectly encapsulates everything that DC is about – from the awe-inspiring, old school Chicago anthems ‘If I…’ and ‘A Hope’, through the sassy, 1920’s inspired ‘Do You Believe’ and the title track, to the new-wave jackin’ grooves of ‘Where U At?’ and ‘Rhythm Machine’. The album also showcases Derrick’s immense musical talent through the melodic, ethereal styles of ‘All Dreams Collide’ and ‘While Corey Slept’, to the tongue-in-cheek nitrous rush of ‘Friends’. The sheer musical diversity and outpouring of unadulterated genius and talent looks set to mark this album out as a benchmark in the history of House music.

“For those looking for the future of House, it’s here, and once again it’s from Chicago” – Terry Farley, Muzik

Forthcoming singles from the album will be ‘If I…’ and ‘Legacy’ featuring remixes by Sneak and DJ Q. Derrick has already started work on his second album and is busy remixing for the likes of Bebel Gilberto, Tony Senghore, Fischerspooner and Greens Keepers.

Derrick’s hobbies include collecting shoes and watches…

For more info about Derrick Carter:
– epitonic.com –
– wikipedia –

Gene Farris is the sinister minister of dance music’s changing sounds. Farris’ global DJ track record and extensive discography of over 80 productions are definitely a testament to the true Chicago house sound. Farris’ unique dexterous DJ style includes extended sultry, melodic blends with tough beats making him a party favorite around the world.

House music is Farris’ undoubted passion that also drives his full-flavored colorful studio creations. Farris’ deep roots in house music and his strive to be the best keeps him on the global electronic music industry’s cutting edge.

For more info about Gene Farris:
– myspace.com/genefarris –
– farriswheel-recordings.com –

Morgan Page
(“The Longest Road”)
“Elevate is a breakthrough collection of original music and remixes from Morgan Page, showcasing his exceptional talent for subtle electronics and thoughtful songs”
– Jason Bentley KCRW

“A killer album and a great intro to a man fast becoming a legend.”
– Jo-Anne Greene, All Music Guide

The story may sound vaguely familiar – “with few label options for a young DJ/producer he releases a bootleg album. The album draws rave reviews in magazines and on websites all over the world, becoming an instant underground classic.” No this isn’t the story of Danger Mouse, this is the story of Morgan Page – who, in 2006, released a compilation comprised of bootleg remixes of the likes of Coldplay, Imogen Heap, and Davie Bowie aptly titled, Cease and Desist.

What followed instead was not cease and desist letters but a slew of legitimate remix work by numerous major labels and a record deal from Nettwerk Music Group. Not a bad turn of events for a guy who produced his first track at age 14 while growing up in a log cabin in Vermont.

Fast-forward to the present and we find Morgan Page quickly becoming one the most sought after Remix Producers. His remixes for marquee artists (Angie Stone, Delerium, Stevie Nicks, Nelly Furtado and more) consistently land at the top of the Billboard Club Play charts, including three number one hits in 2006 alone.

And now, if his current release Elevate, and his current single, The Longest Road, are any indication, Morgan Page seems well on his way to mastering the craft of creating original club hits. After its release, The Longest Road, quickly shot up the Billboard Club charts and found its place in the Top 5 alongside Madonna and Snoop Dogg. As a top seller on iTunes’ Dance chart and after spending 3 weeks as the #1 seller on Beatport’s Progressive chart, the song was quickly sought out for inclusion on a number of renowned compilations including Ministry of Sound: Sessions.

Now Morgan Page will bring his unique style to 2nd Sunday on July 13th in support of his latest album Elevate, released on Nettwerk March 25th.

Page’s album Elevate –comprised of 4 original productions and 8 remixes – is more than a collection of singles. He has been able to blend Elevate into one complete work, showcasing his dexterity as a producer. Songs, encompassing an array of styles, are sequenced to form a continuity that seems as if they were all created with this one project in mind. “I see this album as something that DJs will appreciate and something that all fans of electronic music will enjoy experiencing from start to finish,” says Morgan when talking about his record.

Indeed, The Longest Road – which has been described as “House meets Nashville” – is becoming an instant classic.

For more info about Morgan Page:
– morgan-page.com –
– myspace.com/morganpage –

Raising the volume of the Bay Area’s nightlife since the early 90.s, M3 has proved himself to be an influential character in the development of the SF/SJ house music scene. Born and raised in San Jose, M3 began his music career in 1990 promoting some of the original Bay Area.s massives such as .Get Down, Get Down, Get Down., .The Gathering., and .Deep Space.. Initially influenced by music ranging from Rick James, Screaming Jay Hawkins, and Led Zepplin, M3 began his d.j. career with a smooth down-tempo sound. Since then, his sound has evolved to include a spectrum of thumpin. house beats which he is distinctively known. His dj name, M3, initially stood for Marijuana Motivates the Mind, but has since transformed to Makes Me Move. M3’s funky fresh style will, without a doubt, have you moving by the end of the night. Today, M3 keeps himself busy with event promotions, music production, and performing. M3 is spreading the good word of house from San Francisco to San Jose, and beyond. Playing clubs in Moscow, Spain, Prague, Paris , Nottingham, New York, and Hawaii, M3 is funking it up all over the world.

For more info about M3:
– green gorilla lounge –
– myspace.com/djm3sf –

DJ Rooz is known for his ability to play a wide variety of styles – progressive, tech, electro, and funky. Playing with DJs like Nick Warren, Seb Fontaine, and Derrick May (just to name a few), is enough said regarding his talent. In 2000 Rooz & Rouzbeh formed R-Squared, which is a wild display of music by the two remixing LIVE! Rooz has always been associated with San Francisco’s best DJs and promoters, so he has the credibility of his peers.

For more info about DJ Rooz:
– djrooz.com –
– myspace.com/djrooz –

DJ Marc deVasconcelos has been performing Hip-Hop, Mashups, Flashbacks | Deep, Funky and Electro House in the Bay Area since 1999. His influences are 70’s and 80s Disco/Funk, Old School Hip Hop, Rock, 80’s New Wave and House. For more info about Marc Devasconcelos:
– partysf –
– marcsf.com –
– myspace.com/thedjfromlastnight –

Doc Martin’s live sets truly bring people together the variation in his style of music is endless. What makes him so different from the rest? is his unique ability to spin everything from deep house vocals that have so much depth and meaning to us all in some way, his funky tribal Bass lines mixed with threads of acid, his passive collection of classics rare records that are only to be heard at his gigs. Doc Martin has developed the respect as a house DJ that so many of us admire. For more info about Doc Martin: – sublevelcalifornia.com –

Julius Papp is one whose dedication to music has propelled his career as a producer and DJ in the electronic music scene. His dance music roots lie in Disco of the 70’s and New Wave of the 80’s. He was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and got tuned into dance music through the city’s flourishing club scene and diverse radio broadcasts. He started collecting vinyl records in the late 70’s and took to the turntables in 1985, scoring his first major club gig two years later.

Hearing the non-stop flow of music and observing the booth where the DJ seamlessly blended each selection were early influences for Julius. Later influences included reading about parties that were piloted by talented music programmers that even today, influence the youngest of aspiring DJ’s – legends like Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage in New York City to Frankie Knuckles at The Warehouse in Chicago to Tony Humphries’ weekly at Zanzibar in New Jersey. Always inspired by the music listed in those articles, Julius would shop for those titles that would later become classics, worshipped by their discerning audiences. To this day, his goal is to keep expanding his foundation in music by being open minded and eclectic in absorbing the music that truly touches him.

That open-minded attitude is what Julius uses to fine-tune his musical palette, which gives him a dominant sound that exudes a deep and soulful perspective. That dominant sound is House Music – which to him, is about an uplifting positive message. People coming together in unity, with no barriers or restrictions, but rather, with tolerance and the spirit of music, unifying everyone on the dancefloor. That being said, he blends various musical styles together -including Soul, Latin, Afro, Disco & Jazz, with such fluidity that it is difficult at times to put a defining stamp on his sound. Contributing to that is his willingness to take a chance. He always tries to push the envelope by introducing music that deserves exposure, taking his audience on a musical journey with various mood and energy changes.

Not content to limiting his ambitions in the DJ booth, Julius began producing music in 1994. The studio was another outlet for Julius’ creative ideas to flow. His first release was a downtempo project on the Acid Jazz tip. He also drew attention as part of the jazz and funk scene in San Francisco via the Mushroom Jazz parties alongside resident Mark Farina.

As Julius’ production catalogue grew, so did the amount of labels he released music on including – long tenured labels like King ST (NYC), Large Music (Chicago) and OM (SF), to recent signings on Soulfuric Recordings and Kenny Dope’s ‘Dope Wax’ label.

As a veteran in the club scene, Julius has refined a style of dance music that has taken him beyond the boundaries of San Francisco to global praise and recognition. Being nominated as “Most Innovative Producer” at the 2004 House Music Awards is a perfect example of that. Putting him in the company of other nominated producers like, Joey Negro, Osunlade, DJ Gregory, DJ Spinna and Ben Watt was an absolute honor for him.

In 2003 Julius Papp ventured into the label arena with NeoDisco Music. Named after the sound that continues to inspire him – the label offers him an alternate outlet to release his own productions.For more info about Julius Papp:– myspace.com/juliuspapp –

DJ Ellen Ferrato has been spinning in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 7 years with her distinctive and cutting edge style that is best described as deep, sexy, groovy, funky, driven house. Ellen exemplifies the phrase “interactive DJ” and loves to play off of the energy of her listeners. In 2000, she won the City Search 7 Audience Award for Best DJ and in 2001 she was voted Best Club DJ in Best of City Search Poll. She also has been a nominee the past 2 years in a row for Best DJ at the Clubbys Award. ellenferrato.com

For more info about Ben Doren and J. Bowman: – levende lounge –

Since 1997, DJ Rouzbeh began laying down the vinyl with one goal in mind, being able to work crowds to another state of mind. His passion for the sound and ability to remix tracks live led him to embark on the musical journey he has come to today. Rouzbeh’s ability to work the floor with creative sounds and effects sets him apart from the ‘average DJ’, and has led him to play alongside many world-class DJs. Taking one step further, he jumpstarted Back2Basics in 2000, and currently still manages enough time to be involved in event production. His talents – musical and business – have cemented his existence in the San Francisco house scene. If you have not had a chance to catch him at a LIVE performance, you are missing quite a show.

Von Woo’s father started his record collection the day he was born, literally. He got his first turntable in 1990, but he could only afford one, so he was a turntablist by default. When he got his second turntable he was primarily a hip-hop dj, back when hip-hop was great. Back when it was hip-hop. As it began to turn sour in the late 90s he was turned onto house music. He was turned onto many different types of music at that time in his life, but deep, funky, soulful, weird House music was what he developed a passion for. He played nothing but house for about 5 years, but then it lost support and it became hard to find gigs as a “house dj”.

So now He combines his life-long record collection, his skills as a turntablist, his trained ear as a house dj, and his passion for Jazz and Soul, and rocks parties as hard as he can.2ndsunday


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