7/3 – Barcelona DJ Contest @ SONAR 2008!

The Idea

Barcelona dj contest is the first contest for djs that have never taken place(been produced), totally free, opened for any person of both sexes with age of age, of any part(report) of the world.
Principal requirements to never have been produced by any record company.

Since one takes part in the contest?

To be able to take part, it is necessary to to refill an application form, which can disburden here, and be able to send to the organization a demo mp3, one curriculum and the attached form, sent by post to the following direction : BARCELONA DJ CONTEST P.O. STALL 30 200 08034 BARCELONA SPAIN

Since we select the participants?

The same organization was selecting the djs being based on the information received in the secretary BDC.

Since we select the participants?

The same organization was selecting the djs being based on the information received in the secretary BDC.

Since one takes part in the selections?

Once selected the djs in groups of 4, booling in the places that to receive the participants. The places, normally will be placed in the born or neighboring(similar) city of the participant.

Since the selections are conquered?

To win it was valued, the plaudits of the public of the orchestra. Therefore, it is advised the dj that he(she) should invite to the holiday(party), all the known much better to s a pleasing victory.

Also, a demo of approximately 10 minutes of the dj, to vote follow the web or a message. In every party to a finalist, who on having finished the selections ended up by being one in every city, then in every community and finally in every community.

The national finalist, ended up by taking part in Barcelona with it dates even for making concrete.

The prize

The victor, was earning a trip of 7 days for 2 persons in Berlin or London, to choosing for the winner, and possibility of recording with a record company. Also several for gentility of the sponsors.

The regulation

The organization of Barcelona Dj Contest, and participants of the contest that to guarantee and to respect the general regulation, which is established, with your corresponding bases and conditions.



The participation in Barcelona DJ Contest implies knowing and complete acceptance of the following rules .
Every selected participant will have to mark his adhesion explicitly to this regulation, by e-mail to gueststar@barcelonadjconters.org at the latest 15 days before the date of the contest.

These present rules can be modified any moment by the organization. The contestant will be notified of modification as far as they are concerned.

Barcelona DJ Contest is reserved to men and women of all countries you must be minimun18 of age .
This musical tendance, although turned towards electronic music in the broad sense, wants to be open and innovative.
General spirit of this event requires strict observation of the codes of good citizenship by the participating ones and the organizers, in order to preserve its climate of confidence and feast and global friendship.

1. Order of passage is defined by the jury, before the beginning of the event. The participants must refer and conform to it, no change of order or arrangement will be allowed.

2. Appreciation of the sets of the candidates is exclusive responsibility of the jury, which is sovereign in all its decisions.

3. The jury will decide of 3 winners, according to his own quotation cards filled out during the sets, and after collective deliberation, according to those criteria:
– musicality / musical sensibility
– originality / creativity
– execution / sound (volume, equalizing, use of effects etc.)
– mixing skills

4. The jury undertakes to evaluate the work of the candidates in all good faith, without favouritism or discrimination of any kind, and has to refer only on the sets heard during the event for its appreciation and final decision.

5. The Public Prize is given after compilation by the organizers, of the votes of the spectators rereceived during the event.

6. The participants are free to go within the event’s boundaries, but must be ready in the DJs reserved area, at the latest at the beginning of the set preceding theirs. They cannot make cross any object from DJs reserved area to the public area. They cannot let third parties profit of their privileges (reserved passage, tickets, food, drinks, etc.)

7. It’s formally forbidden to have any contact (verbal, written..) between the participants and the jurys during the contest, up to the pricegiving.

8. No commercial (except auto-promotional), politic or religious message is allowed throughout all event.

The communication between the organizers and the participants will be done mainly by e-mail, with the choice in the language french or english.
Contact organization feedback@barcelonadjcontest.org .

Must send a demo to the following address …

Travel expenses to the place of Barcelona DJ Contest Contest are charge of the participants.
Free lodging is provided for the night of the event to the following day, for the participants coming from abroad.

1. The candidates must imperatively use the technical installation provided by the organisation, whose detail can be found online, at the following link www.barcelonadjcontest.org/equipents.asp
They can however bring additional supports of work, under reserve of the compatibility of those with provided installation. In this case they will have to provide a chart to specify the type of hardware, the brand and the connectors required, at the latest 30 days before the date of the contest.

2. The candidates must provide :
– their personal headphones with aventual adapter for JACK
– a pair of replacement turntable needles
– all additional supports of mixing envisaged according to agreement, as well as corresponding cables.

3. No computer-assisted mixing is allowed!

4. In case of deterioration of the provided hardware, DJs must warn organisation immediately.

1. The day of the contest, the participants must be present, provided with all their equipment, between 120 mn and 60 mn before the beginning of the event (meaning opening time to the public).

2. They must present themselves at the DJ booth, at the latest at the beginning of the preceding set (according to order of passage etablished at the beginning of evening), provided with all their material.

3. The disqualification of the candidates can occur on sovereign decision of the jury and/or the organizers under circumstance of :
– not presentation within the deadlines (see 1 and 2)
– cheating or attempt at cheating. It in this case will be matched of prohibition of representation to the contest in the future.

4. Winner number 1 is held with the following obligations:

– He has to present a set of 60mn to a radio broadcast selected by the organizers, in the week following the contest. If she cannot be present, she will have to provide a mixed set on CD of the same duration.
– She has to envisage an additional set, which will possibly take place according to the request and remaining time.
– He will not be able to present her candidature for Barcelona DJ Contest during the 10 following years.
– He will have to inform organisation regularly, by e-mail, of the consecutive bookings to her participation during the following 5 year, in order to evaluate the repercussions of the contest.
– He will have to attach the mention ” Barcelona DJ Contest ” to her DJ name during one whole year in every communication ( flyers, posters…), otherwise the organisation reserves right to take back all prizes!

The participants can be accompagnied by one only person when presenting to the place of the contest, which will obtain from this fact free accesses to the event. However, this accompanying person cannot have access to the DJ booth nor to DJs reserved area. Accompaniants don’t get free lodging accomodation, however organization can provide cheap lodging at a hotel, if noticed on time.

1. The participants will hold their mixing equipment in the reserved DJ area before their set. This area is closed to the public and supervised by a person of the organisation.

2. Considering affluence and specific character of the event, the organisation cannot be held responsible for theft or losses which have occurred at the time of the event. The participants are held to supervise their materiel, and to take back all of it (discs, headphones, records, etc.) right after their set.

3. The candidates also dispose of a place to store their stuff, and/or equipment after their set, in a secure place. They are of course held to keep this ticket in a safe place.

1. The participating ones are invited to provide biographies, flyers, photographs, demos, cards or any other useful document for use of auto-promotion during event. However, no interview can be given at the time of the event without prealable agreement of organisation.

2. The 3 winner and the winner of the public prize has to affix the mention ” Barcelona DJ Contest ” following their name on all references to their DJ work (biographies, flyers…), during at least 1 after from the date of the contest. This is sine-qua-non condition for the first winner, involving the withdrawal of the prizes or refunding of the corresponding amount if not observed

3. The organisation reserves the right to take all images (photo, video) judged useful, and to take an audio recording of each set. It reserves the right of using this materiel, exclusively on purpose of promotion of the” Barcelona DJ Contest ” or asbl Moonday, with mention of the name of artist as well as the context.
A copy of this materiel can be delivered under request of the concerned participant.

1. The organisation reserves the right, in case of absolute neccessity, to cancel or post-pone the contest. It however is held, as far as possible, to warn DJs at the latest 15 days before the date envisaged for the contest. It will not refund any expenses causes of this fact.

2. cancelling of participation should be made only in case of absolute necessity, and must be notified by mall to feedback@barcelonadjcontest.org , as far as possible at the latest the 15 days before the date envisaged for the contest.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. You and Chez Aliz International Uk Ltd both agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Courts.

More information: barcelonadjcontest.org


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